May 25, 2012

Walk Toward the Fire


At 12:35 a.m. on July 1, 2011, sheriff’s deputies pounded on my front door and rang my doorbell. They shouted for me to open the door and come out with my hands up.

When I opened the door, deputies pointed guns at me and ordered me to put my hands in the air. I had a cell phone in my hand. Fortunately, they did not mistake it for a gun.

They ordered me to turn around and put my hands behind my back. They handcuffed me. They shouted questions at me: IS THERE ANYONE ELSE IN THE HOUSE? and WHERE ARE THEY? and ARE THEY ALIVE?

I told them: Yes, my wife and my children are in the house. They’re upstairs in their bedrooms, sleeping. Of course they’re alive.

Deputies led me down the street to a patrol car parked about 2-3 houses away. At least one neighbor was watching out of her window as I was placed, handcuffed, in the back of the patrol car. I saw numerous patrol cars on my quiet street. There was a police helicopter flying overhead, shining a spotlight down on us as I walked towards the patrol car. Several neighbors later told us the helicopter woke them up. I saw a fire engine and an ambulance. A neighbor later told me they had a HazMat vehicle out on the street as well.

Meanwhile, police rushed into my home. They woke up my wife, led her downstairs and to the front porch, frisked her, and asked her where the children were. Then police ordered her to stand on the front porch with her hands against the wall while they entered my children’s bedrooms to make sure they were alive.

The call that sent deputies to my home was a hoax. Someone had pretended to be me. They called the police to say I had shot my wife. The sheriff’s deputies who arrived at my front door believed they were about to confront an armed man who had just shot his wife. I don’t blame the police for any of their actions. But I blame the person who made the call.

Because I could have been killed.

The weirdest part of the whole thing was that I halfway expected this might happen. Because I was not the first one it had happened to.

What you’ve just read is a true story, and only an excerpt of the post. You need to click on the title above to read the whole thing, and you really need to read the whole thing.

On twitter, facebook, the blogosphere, and major online media outlets, these stories are finally getting the attention they deserve. Most of what you will read in that link was unknown to me a few days ago. Part of me is shocked that this has been going on so long, and so few people have talked about it.

But part of me isn’t. I can’t lie, I even hesitated to post this much. After all, I don’t like the idea of calling the attention of those kind of people onto me and onto my family. I can’t even imagine what these bloggers are going through right now. I know for certain of one who has had to leave the state and take his family into hiding for their own safety. All of it traces back to one man.

I’ve said many times, social media isn’t for sissies. And just like in every other area of life, there are bullies in social media. But the only way to defeat a bully is to stand up to him. Breitbart called it “walking towards the fire, not running away from it.”

That’s what’s happening today.

This is related to politics, in that the attacks are politically motivated, but this is not political. This is not a left/right thing or a Democrat/Republican thing. This is basic right and wrong. And today, bloggers, facebookers, social media engagers from all over the country and all points on the political spectrum to walk towards the fire and say, “No more.”

Today, all day on twitter, I’ll be linking to and RTing anything related to Brett Kimberlin that anyone posts. You can follow along by clicking the twitter button on the top right hand column. I know it’s Friday and a long weekend and especially for those of us in the military community, we’ve got other things on our mind as we approach Monday. But please don’t shrug this off. Even if you don’t want to post about this, link or RT anything, that’s fine. But be informed. These people are out there, and as long as they are allowed to operate in relative secret, they won’t stop.

It’s time to walk towards the fire.

“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness,
but instead
expose them.”
Eph. 5:11

For more, start here.


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