May 18, 2012

Fur Baby Friday

As you know, I was in Oklahoma last week because my dad had surgery. I was gone 8 days.

8 days of no SoldierMan and no puppies. Pretty much the first time that’s ever happened. And I missed my boys like crazy.

I’m not gonna lie, I was a little afraid that when I got home, that infamous puppy short-term memory would kick in and I’d get a simple, “Oh, weren’t you just in the bathroom?” greeting.

But once we got over the initial “just got home” excitement (where Jeb sneezes his sinuses out and Achilles has to be reminded that nomming on a person’s hand is NOT a proper way to greet someone), they didn’t disappoint.

Achilles is the kisser, so I got lots and lots of puppy kisses from the husky.

Jeb is the snuggler/nuzzler/hand-holder. I sat down on the floor and he was trying to rub himself all over me like a cat. That’s how he shows love.

He also tried to do a “happy puppy roll” – you know, where they roll onto their backs and sort of wiggle back and forth – on my lap.

Remember, he’s 5 feet tall on his hind legs and weighs over 80 pounds.

But I still appreciated the gesture.

456581_10100159656743841_44010269_38829321_2111228284_o (1)
Right after I got home. He’s still pretty glued to my side.

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  1. Aww, they missed their mommy. I just recently started following you, please feel free to stop by my blog Miss Kay's Journey Through Life @


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