April 24, 2012

The Wonder Years

SoldierMan is on a weird schedule right now. He’s only home on the weekends. Which is fine, weekends have always been our “fun time” anyway. And he’s very good about shooting me a text once a day or so to let me know how he’s doing and to tell me he loves me. He’s pretty awesome like that.

It’s helped us really make the most of those two days a week that we are together. We take the dogs to the dogpark. We go to the store. We eat more than we should and sleep better than during the week.

And we’ve been working our way through some fun Netflix Streaming programming. Right now, we’re watching The Wonder Years.


SoldierMan never really watched it growing up, and I only did on Nick at Nite – back when Nick at Nite showed good stuff. We started with episode 1 and now we’re in the last season. It’s been really fun watching Kevin, Winnie and Paul grow up and grow together.

Which is part of the appeal for us. Watching Kevin and Winnie’s relationship as they go from 7th graders to high schoolers is pretty nostalgic. We have a lot in common with them. Well, no we don’t. Except that they knew each other as kids, and we’ve known each other since we were kids. So even if we didn’t go through the exact same situations, usually there’s something in every episode where we go, “Oh yeah, I remember that….”

Which I think is the point of the show.

Anyway, it’s been really sweet, watching and talking and laughing and bringing up old memories. I think it’s brought us closer together even though we’re having to spend most of our time apart right now.

Do you have something like that? A show or movie or maybe a band that, when you revisit them, helps y’all reconnect when the military takes butts in?

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  1. I remember watching that show on Nick at Nite many years ago. Fun!

  2. We have watched Friends so many times that we can quote each episode. I love it though!

  3. i watched tons of wonder years when my husband was in the field.. i love it!!

  4. I always loved that show :) How fun that you are watching it together and it's brining up good memories!

  5. I loved the Wonder Years. I use to watch it on Nick at Nite and it was so good!


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