April 25, 2012

Water Snob

I have a thing about water. I can taste it. I mean, to me, water has flavor. Apparently not everyone is this way, I’ve come to understand. But I am.

Most of this is probably because I grew up in Oklahoma City, which is famous for it’s pleasant-tasting tap water. (You think I’m joking. I’m not.) When I was growing up, I couldn’t drink the water wherever we were on vacation. To an 11 year old, this means hotel water is gross. Little did I know, it’s just everywhere else. (Sorry, everywhere else.)

When we moved to Benning, I held out as long as I could, trying to content myself with just drinking water straight from the faucet. It was a struggle. I finally broke down and bought a Brita pitcher, which is almost as good as being home. Almost.

You know which ones I mean, the pitchers with the removable filters that you fill up in the sink. I now use it for all of our drinking and cooking water needs. Yes, I do. Because I can even taste a difference in the food I make if I use the tap water here. I think the tap water here is unusually hard water, anyway, and I don’t really like consuming it.

These pitchers are interesting, because they have an indicator on them letting you know when it’s time to change the filter. The other day, SoldierMan pointed out that the indicator is based on time passed, not usage. So, in theory, I could be throwing out filters before their usefulness is spent. I already knew that.

But SoldierMan decided that it wasn’t a theory – that we probably were actually throwing away perfectly good filters because we weren’t using the pitcher enough, therefore wasting money. So, now we use the pitcher to fill up the dogs’ water bowl as well as for everything else, to use up the filter better.

Please, no comments about how I won’t drink the water but I let my dogs drink it. I didn’t think they’d care.

Turns out, they do.

Lo and behold, from the first time we filled their bowl with the filtered water, it’s been their FAVORITE THING to get the water bowl filled. Before, I’d fill their bowl maybe 2, 3 times a day, tops.

Now? We’re looking at upwards of 10 times a day. You’d think it was sugar water the way they act! Jeb actually drank so much water the first day, he couldn’t make it outside in time to potty. (Yeah, that was awesome.) And Achilles does a happy dance whenever I bring the pitcher out of the fridge. He tries to drink straight from the pitcher as I pour.

I’d take pictures, but I only have two hands. You’ll just have to trust me.

So I’ve created canine water snobs. Who would’ve thought the same creatures that eat rawhide bones and cotton underwear could have a preference when it comes to plain ol’ water?

Are your pets persnickety about weird things?


  1. I can taste water too… And as for pets, not only do my cats prefer brita water to tap water, they prefer it chilled to room temperature. Weird.

    Too bad you only have two hands… ;-) A pic of Achilles drinking as you pour would be PRICELESS.

  2. This is so funny! Water does have different tastes, but as long as it doesn't taste too bad, I will drink it. However, I do notice my cat drinks more water when we get his water from the fridge (with a filter) as opposed to the sink. He also won't eat his food unless it is half full.

  3. I bought a pur water filter for the kitchen faucet after Duke's issues this year. So the dog and cat both get filtered water (since Duke drinks from both bowls). Duke prefers his to be fresh, but especially straight from the tap. He gets daily drinks from the bathtub faucet. I wish I could filter that water as well, but as long as he's drinking I won't fuss much. Remy would drink the puddles in the street if I let him.

    J and I drink tap water, unless it's the cold stuff from the fridge door. I can taste the difference in water, it just doesn't bother me. J can't even taste it.

  4. We bought a water filtration system when we moved it. And it will be moving around with us.

    Don't go to Fort Knox. The water there tastes like straight up rocks.

  5. My friends think I am crazy because I can taste water. Apparently they think I am making it up. Glad to know there is someone else out there!

  6. that's hilarious but it makes perfect sense. I love those Brita water things! Water in Edmond is diff than in OKC. It's harder too. My mom always had a cat who loved milk. My mom started warming her own milk for her coffee in the morning so she gave the cat warm milk with what was leftover. Milk snobbery began. To this day she has a very finicky persian who turns her nose up at cold milk. Animals are hilarious.

  7. That is so funny. I love the taste of the Brita, that's all I use. But not for cooking! Funny enough. Nowadays I've been flavoring my water with lemon and lime slices, and sometimes strawberries, and I've been drinking it up like crazy.

    I can't think of any weird dog quirks right now... but I know mine is full of them!

  8. So glad I'm not the only one out there like this. My friends back home all call me a water nazi. There was a local sports bar we would hang out at before hockey games and I would always insist my glass be filled up from a certain sprayer {??? You know the thing they use to fill your glass with coke/water?? I have no clue what it is actually called}. I am so grateful that Japan has DELICIOUS tap water {they don't add fluoride to the water and I think that has something to do with it...maybe.} I didn't know it until I moved here, but apparently Japan is known for their great tap water!

  9. I'm a water snob too. I have to do the Brita pitcher here in El Paso, because it doesn't taste like the water back home (on a rural island in Washington). My parents' tap water is perfect. :)

  10. You're not alone! Josh and I have water issues...we've been pretty content with the water out of the fridge here, but we had to get a Brita pitcher at Benning. However, in El Paso we've experienced the phenomenon of the "bad water" as we call it. Sometimes in restaurants we get served water that tastes faintly like lemon Tums. Gross. What's weird is that usually only one of us gets a bad glass, when you know they filled them up at the same time, in the same place. How does this happen? And what's in the water?!!

    And hotel tap water is always a no go! Ugh.


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