April 12, 2012

Puppy Love, Phone Style

So the last week or so I’ve been messing with various cell phone picture apps.
And since I don’t have kids, the pups have been getting plenty of face time.

Achilles and Jeb, in case you haven’t met them yet

Easter afternoon. He’s my cuddlebug and loves it when I use him as a footrest. But not a pillow.

*this one makes me giggle*

It took me hours to figure out what he was waiting ever so patiently for. Apparently a piece of dinner had fallen on the counter and I missed it in the cleanup. And he was hoping it was for him.

SoldierMan saw this at the PX and had to get it for the boys.

It lasted about 3 minutes.

This is from a few days ago. They still fight over it, so we’re keeping it for a while.
Especially since SoldierMan threw away Jeb’s rock. humph

My latest pinterest craft: A beach towel with a pillow. Haven’t had the chance to try it yet. The neighbors are having work done on the house + no privacy fence.

Come link up!


  1. Dang, your husky is tall! Achilles right? Crazy different all dogs, even within the same breed, can be.

  2. Your dogs are beautiful! I love the one of him staring at the counter - so patient!

  3. oh my goodness I love them. Jeb is so cute in his sleepy picture, and Achilles staring at the counter cracks me up. Did he get the food at least? :)

  4. I love your dogs! Beautiful!

  5. I love this Fur Baby Friday idea. I might have to steal/borrow it. I'll credit back to you ;). It probably won't happen for a little while, but I'm hoping to get myself a blogging schedule.

  6. I love the angry birds frisbee. Our dogs had a stuffed one, and tore it to pieces too.

  7. Wow, so patient just looking at the food you left. Wish mine was as well behaved.


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