April 4, 2012

Please Share Your Thoughts!

This will be a quick one today, but I had an idea.

You know those scrolling buttons on the right? Have you ever stopped and just watched them to see who all is listed?

No? Really???


Nah, neither do I.

But they are cute buttons, right? And they (almost) all go to someone’s blog.

So I’m thinking I might start a new “feature.”

Pare down the list.

No more scrolling buttons.

Just pick four-five a month, and post those buttons static, then once a week, do a “feature” about one of the blogs for that month.

What do you think? Would you be interested in learning about some new blogs out there? In sharing some about your own blog?

Seriously, I’m asking. If it would make you skip reading every Wednesday when I feature a blog, then say so. If you would like to see it, please share.

I’m all ears!


  1. I think it's a good idea. I'm always looking for new, interesting blogs!

  2. I wouldn't stop reading on Wednesdays :)

  3. I like the idea! I'm always looking for new blogs to read. :) Btw, can you tell me how to make a button? I'd like to make one for my blog but am not sure how to do it.

  4. I wouldn't mind learning about some new blogs - I love reading material. Certainly, some days I would gloss over it, but that's not to say it wouldn't be helpful/interesting/a good idea! :)

  5. Great idea! I would definitely keep reading on Wednesdays...

  6. I love to read new stuff. I would for sure keep reading your blog on Wednesdays. I get excited when I see a post from you regardless of the topic!

  7. To me it sounds like it'd be great for new bloggers trying to make a name for themselves (which I have no problem with!) but honestly, unless it's a really fantastic blog, I already read so many that I'd probably skip over a lot of them. And since I rarely post nowadays, I wouldn't be interested in having my blog shared just because I've been considering doing away with blogging, at least for awhile. But that's just my personal stance, it is a great idea and I'm sure lots of others will love it! If I was still trying to promote my blog, I'd be all for it. :)

  8. I think it's a good idea! I love finding new blogs that I enjoy reading and it's great for getting new blogs some readers!

  9. I think it would be fun if people could give you the link to their favorite story. This is just because some days I post random lame blogs, and I would hate for that to be the day I premiered.


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