April 28, 2012

Military Widow Casting Call

If you were recently contacted about participating in a military widow dating reality show, please contact me through the email button on the right. I am working on an article for a major news website regarding the military blogging community’s response to the casting office contact procedures and the show in general. I don’t have to use your last name in the article if you wish to remain anonymous.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s fine. You will.



  1. Can I just say from an outsiders perspective that I'm kind of appalled at the idea of that being a TV show?! I'm interested to see where this goes though, I trust you'll keep us updated? :)

  2. I appreciate this, dear. This needs to be heard.

  3. I actually am not familar with what you are talking about, but I think I might be appalled. This doesn't sound like it sits well with me at all.


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