March 1, 2012


I am ill.

Last night this country lost one of its greatest friends, I lost a hero, and four small children lost their father.


I’ve talked about Andrew on here numerous times, about his fight, his drive, his book (you really better read it now) his passion to protect and defend the truth when so many try to obscure it with lies.

I don’t think I ever mentioned his huge laugh, his disarming smile, his gorgeous children or his fabulous hair. I met Andrew once, two years ago. I was in awe of his fight and his drive, he didn’t have his sights (and sites) set on an individual politician or political race. He wanted to bring the whole house of cards down.

And darned if he didn’t practically do it.

We were all standing there, waiting for him to come from an interview with a potentially unfriendly subject. He returned to the group bouncing on his heels, and his first words were to talk about how nice the guy was and how much he liked him. We stood around while the group talked and laughed. He was friendly, open, yes, eager to engage the opposite side, running on full steam 1000x, walking toward the fire, but a mensch.

Everyone fights a war, just on different fronts. Andrew spent the last several years of his life consumed with fighting for our liberties and our country’s welfare, not with a gun, but with his time, his energy, his personal finances, his words. And he used those resources to give people, ordinary people like me, a platform to join him. Andrew was one of America’s great homefront warriors.

In fact, he was one of the first few to recognize we’re even in a homefront war.

He was my hero.


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