February 7, 2012


Warning: photo bomb.

Over the weekend, we hit one year with the pups, our Jeb and Achilles.



You can read the story of how we found them under the “Meet Us” tab above.

The day after we brought them home, we hosted a Super Bowl party for all of our friends here. The puppies contributed by peeing all over the living room in front of everyone.

And so it began.

The time-out corner. It was beautiful while it lasted.

My first clue that Jeb was a whodunnit fan. Pretty much any mystery show, he’s tuned-in.

Recovering from the big surgery. His “spot” was in my closet.


puppy collage


Why they don’t get to play in the rain very often

How they spend much of the day

He’s muh baby

Their latest favorite movie: UP

Everybody’s favorite: Not in the Christmas Spirit

The doggy duplex

And here we are, one year later, with a fully developed hatred for the camera:




I promise, they really do love me. They just hate picture time. It’s probably good preparation for children.

I admit, I’m a little foolish over them. In my defense, they are my first dogs. And being here, away from all our family and friends back home, they keep me from getting lonely, and have really helped make Texas feel like home. (I can’t believe I just typed that.) I still call them puppies, even though they’re pushing 150 cumulative pounds. Large dogs are “puppies” for a few years, right? For better or for worse :p

In the last year they’ve eaten several pairs of shoes, including my running shoes and SoldierMan’s nice tennis shoes. And a dog bed. And the backyard grill. And a subwoofer.

Which is why they now get to stay outside when we leave the house.

And yes, we do have conversations and Achilles, the husky, does talk back.

I love my boys :)


  1. First, I love your hair in that first picture.

    Second, dogs are good for the soul and for that reason alone it is totally OK that you love them like you do (even if they're both pills sometimes.)

    Finally, I miss you. And your babies...ahem, puppies.

  2. Loved this post! We just celevrated 1 year in December with our Golden Mix Holly in December and we brought home our new puppy "Shep" on Sunday!

    Thanks for sharing! I loved the pictures!!

  3. Such cuteness!!! I love the pic of them peering over the fence in the backyard. Too cute! I too still call our dogs "puppies" and it'll probably remain that way;)

    And I second Mel, I LOVE your hair in the first pic! Hope this doesn't sound weird coming from another female, but you looked like a very sassy and sexy texan woman:)

  4. I'm crazy over my dog. He's my baby! I love him so much.

  5. You have the funniest dogs ever. I love their faces in the photos!!

    Jasper is 3 and we still call him a puppy, even though he is FAR from it! It's allowed. =)

  6. They're so dreamy...what's not to love?!

    I'm still a tad partial to Jeb for some reason...I think it's his hilarious facial expressions :)

  7. The Christmas one will still be my favorite. And Jeb's unibrow.

  8. Love this post!! You know I am a dog person and love them all but seriously, Jeb melts my heart every time. I've never seen a dog that looks like him, and his expressions are so great!! Achilles is very handsome too, of course, but I am so drawn to Jeb. Is that a weird thing to say? Hahaha.

  9. P.S. I did not read HMB's comment before I wrote mine...not trying to copy!! :)

  10. you dogs are my favorite!! They were so small in the beginning and now they are so big!! I can't possibly pick a favorite their personalities are just perfect together. Like a bother/sister duo!

  11. The ladies over at Great Dane Rescue said dogs don't grow out of the Puppy stage until about 2 years old. And now that Rem is 2, he is noticeably calmer. But he will always be my puppy. I call all dogs "puppy," no matter how old they are.

  12. Your dogs are so cute! I love seeing pictures of them.


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