February 6, 2012

Movie Monday: In Time and The Double

I didn’t watch any new movies over the weekend – I was too sick to go out and we’re still listening to audiobooks at home – but I did watch and review two new DVD releases.

In Time



The Double


I highly recommend The Double. I don’t In Time. Click the links above to find out why. And be sure and add the home site, Big Hollywood, to your RSS feed. Movie and TV reviews, as well as other intelligent pop culture commentary, pop up every day, all by writers much more talented than me. It’s still without a doubt my favorite site to hit every day, and it’s an honor and a privilege to be allowed to contribute there.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial yesterday? Mine was, without a doubt, the Clint Eastwood one. Yeah, I know, Chrysler sucks, they made that commercial with tax dollars, whatever. It was still the best production value there was all day. You can't get around that.

I give second place to the Doritos commercials. They always do well. And VW almost had me with the exercising dog...

but then they had to go and tack a random Star Wars scene at the end? Pushed them straight to the bottom of the list. I like Star Wars, but that just seemed like a poorly-written attempt to hit the widest possible swath of viewers...not to mention I'm a little over George Lucas's obsession with turning Star Wars into one giant cash cow by selling trademark rights to any company anytime, anywhere. Pretty sure the next Star Wars refinished "Collector's Edition" DVD set will include massive amounts of product placement, with the bar selling Pepsi, the Millenium Falcon having a VW hood ornament and Darth Vader's suit have a big shiny partially-bitten Apple glowing on the front.


  1. I loved that VW commercial until they ruined it at the end too! But the Clint Eastwood commercial was just amazing. I was really disappointed that after that aired Twitter blew up with people questioning his political beliefs and saying he was supporting auto industry bailouts and other nonsense. Sure, it was a car commercial, but there was a lot more to it than that!!

  2. That Clint Eastwood commercial was beautifully done, but that was it. I would have preferred the sound off. Heck, they could have sold me sock and just used the visuals. I hated the fact that it was a clear political statement (which I admittedly didn't agree with) and it felt so glaringly offensive in that sense.

    I love the M&M's commercial. "Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle..." ha ha!

    I always love reading your reviews, thanks for sharing!

  3. Yeah, I was kind of disappointed with the SuperBowl commercials this year... I LOVED the VW commercial until the Star Wars scene. I get that they were trying to do a throw back to last year's Star Wars themed commercial, but really? It was so unnecessary and just...odd.

  4. I'm sorry to hear you didn't like In Time. We saw it in the theater and really liked it!


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