January 24, 2012

Who likes to party?

This will probably be nothing like what you’re expecting. Please read to the end because I seriously need some help!

I’m planning an FRG party for Valentine’s Day, since the great majority of our soldiers will be gone. I’m not the best party-thrower – I tend to fall back on old college habits of just ordering pizza and letting people do their own thing – but I really want to make this a fun, big, puffy pink heart deal. Not only will we be distracting ourselves from our soldiers being gone, but this will be the first real spouse event for our FRG. I want to make an impression.

I really hope that doesn’t sound as insecure to you as it does to me.

Anyway, I had some thoughts like setting up my studio photo-booth style and letting people take fun pictures, but I don’t have much in the way of props. Well, anything. I will probably see if someone wants to head that task up, and depending on if someone does, go from there.

I’m also going to get my pinterest on and work up some fun, girly guilty pleasure food. Such as:

I've been wanting to try these for SO long

Don't those look amazing?

Source: evokingyou.com via Jaci on Pinterest

Assuming I can find strawberries in January, of course.

And of course, we have to have our chick flick (or flicks, we’ll see how late people want to stay up on a Tuesday!) I also want to have a game. And I thought I could try and merge the two. So, what came to mind?

Chick Flick Bingo.

Instead of numbers, you have little squares with stereotypical chick flick moments randomly arranged, and as they pop up on the screen, people cross them off. Only thing is, I’m having issues coming up with 30+ squares (so that every sheet is different).

Here are some ideas so far:

  • makeover
  • airport scene
  • first kiss
  • caught in the rain
  • mistaken identity
  • make-up scene

I’m sure part of the difficulty I’m having in coming up with ideas is that I’m not a big chick-flick person. Yeah. All my favorite girl movies are from the 80s and 90s and usually have either Robert Downey, Jr. or Molly Ringwald. No, let’s be honest, they’re really from the 30s and 40s. And that’s a completely different genre, really.

So, anyway, I seriously need help.
What would you put on your bingo card?
(And let’s keep it PG-13, cause that’s all I’m showing)


  1. Okay, the photo booth idea sounds amazing! All of those treats look yummy too!

    Bingo card ideas:
    -cheesy pick up line
    -ladies drinking wine
    -the advice scene
    -shopping scene
    -getting flowers

    *I'm not very good at it either, sorry!

  2. TO add to your desserts...these look great to me!


    You have to include "She's all that" and "10 things I hate about you." They are everything stereotypical about a 90s chick flick. I may be guilty of still watching them today...

  3. As mush as I abhor v-day as a holiday, I do enjoy many things involving it. Like chick flicks.

    For Bingo:
    -"missed connection" (like running or driving to find the person and almost missing them)
    -cue sappy music
    -the other person/the ex intervenes
    -time montage (either reflective or progressive)
    -a guy crying
    -a break up scene AND
    -a make-up scene

    Ha ha. Hope those help.
    You know I have no advice on the desserts or food. I do, however, have a great blog that might give you more tips/games/etc...:http://loveactually-blog-ideas.blogspot.com/2010/03/holidays.html

    Love ya!

  4. I'm not a huge chick flick lover anymore, but in HS I was obsessed with Legally Blonde, which made me think of dumb blonde moments and sappy "my pet makes me feel better" moments. Which imo, totally works. Lol. ;) Don't forget, if you plan on showing chick flicks and they happen to be the sad type- supply LOTS of tissues! And maybe even some makeup remover pads. Have fun!

  5. For props for your photo booth, who doesn't love a big feathery boa (found at Hobby Lobby in an array of colors) or sayings/hearts on sticks (i.e. Be Mine, Mrs. etc.)

  6. OMG You just made me sooo hungry for a dessert! :)

  7. The photo booth sounds like a great idea!! {Though I have to say that might be better for when the guys are deployed...then you could send them the photos. =)}

    And holy moly, those girly foods look so great!

  8. the "I love you because" scene you know like Harry met Sally style!

  9. A fun prop for your booth might be those big plastic lips? You know what I'm talking about? I don't know where you would buy them...just a thought!
    Movie moments...I'll do my best, but do not promise anything amazing:
    *first date
    *flowers delivered
    *guy sings a love song (I can think of a few movies where this happens, but maybe not stereotypical)
    *guy "seemingly" caught flirting with/kissing another girl (or the other way around) when it isn't actually the case. Try fitting that into a square. Call it bad timing or something.

    That's all I've got! Your party sounds like it will be awesome.

  10. You can always find strawberries at Sam's Club!

  11. Holy Moly these look amazing! I went to the commissary a few days ago and they have HUGE strawberries on sale; 2 lbs for $5...I'm guessing for Valentines coming up. Maybe your commissary is stocking them as well!


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