January 10, 2012


Do you know what SOPA is? SOPA is the Stop Online Piracy Act, currently scheduled to be voted on on January 24th. Like a lot of really dangerous legislation, it's got a nice name: stopping online piracy. But what will it really do, and what does that mean for you and me?

I could write a really long breakdown for you, but instead, here is a short video that explains it perfectly (I promise, it's short):

Did you catch that? If, say, someone uploads a video to facebook and there is music or a movie playing off screen, in the background, this bill gives the government the right to shut down facebook. Not just that person's facebook account. Facebook. All of it. Which, okay, yes, doesn't give us food, but also isn't breaking any laws. It shouldn't bother you because it's facebook. It should bother you because it's egregious.

Or, how about another example. We post youtube videos of songs to our blogs all the time, right? And you know how, often times, they aren't "official" videos? They're songs we like with slideshows or just a still shot of an album cover. Technically, those are illegitimate copies (though I prefer the term "unofficial"). If you've ever posted one to your blog, this bill would give the parent corporation who owns the rights to that song the ability to sic the FCC or DHS on you and shut down your blog, erasing all your memoirs, forever. Don't think they wouldn't, either.

The government has already shut down blogs under the false pretense of copyright infringement without SOPA. The page that that link goes to is long, but it details just what happens when your blog is seized, and how nearly impossible it is to get your content back. Think it couldn't happen to you? Look at the blogs they shut down and think again.

This is a big deal, guys. SOPA will change the internet. This has NOTHING to do with stopping people illegally buying and selling content. For corporations, it's about controlling and eliminating competition, using the government to do it. For the government, it's just another form of censorship.

Contact your senators and congressmen and let them know they will face the music if they vote to support SOPA and quash your freedom of speech.


  1. SOPA will change our internet to that of China's essentially. It will be censored under the guise of copyright infringement.

  2. I'm said to say this doesn't surprise me just about as much as it concerns the heck out of me!

    We no longer have a government that supports/promotes/encourages "self government".

    ...and we haven't, especially, these last 4 years...

  3. The government has been screwing up for a long time but their actions in the past few months are downright scary. This is scary...and I fear it's only the beginning of them becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives. Isn't this why America became it's own country? So we could have more FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE?! The constitution was written for a reason and now it's getting crapped on.

  4. Funny. I thought this was America, not China. Ridiculous.

  5. There were songs, artists, etc that i would not have heard of if it weren't for a post on youtube or a blog. I then would find the song/artist and add it to my library on a legal streaming radio site or purchase the song/cd. It's free publicity!


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