January 17, 2012

New Brother

I’d like to have the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey playing right now,
but you’ll just have to imagine it in your head









I might be freaking out a little, still. My mom bought me my very first sewing machine for Christmas. It took me a while to pull it out, what with getting everyone settled in at home and getting into a routine again. But once I did…man, you can hardly pull me off that thing now. I have it set up on the kitchen table because A) we never use it anyway and B) I can sew and watch TV. Doesn’t get much better than that.

It’s pretty sweet. It came with all sorts of accessories and instructions on how to do pretty much anything, from quilting to monogramming to things I can’t even spell. And it’s got a computer with over 100 preprogrammed stitches, so I’ve barely even looked at my basic straight stitch (which is good, because decorative stitches seem much more forgiving.) Plus, I don’t have to control the speed with my foot, which I love. The foot pedal basically just gives it power, you control the speed up top on the unit.

This thing is like something out of Star Trek. Just my style.

After spending a few hours making random stitches on quarters from Walmart, I decided to go ahead and try a project. A machine cover. Cause you need one of those, right? Especially here where you can write your name on my dresser in just two days worth of dust. (Sorry for that mental image.)

So I found a pretty simple tutorial and went to town. Considering all I have at this point is one spool of thread and some fabric scissors, well, I think I did okay….


Yes, I know it doesn’t fit. I have this problem with eyeballing things like 1/2” – somehow I think my seam allowance was actually a full inch or wider on the side panels. But that’s easily adjusted next time. Structurally it turned out (almost) perfect. Meanwhile, I’m going to make some handles and just turn that into a bag. So it’s not a total loss.

And no, I’m not normally into the whole tattoo/skulls/pirates thing, but I loved the pink and black dots and that was the only other fabric Walmart had that went with them really well. Yes, Walmart. I didn’t want to spend $$$$ on a practice project. I’ll save the real nice fabric purchasing for later.

Anyway, that’s my new toy. Now if it was only self-threading…..

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  1. Looks like fun! I love not using the pedal with my Brother machine too. I've had it about 6 months and the pedal is still in the plastic!

  2. Yay! Glad you're having fun with it, it's always fun to find another sewing enthusiast! If you are planning on starting out with small projects, check the remnants section at your local fabric store, the price is always marked down quite a bit and if you only need half a yard or less it works out perfect! :)

  3. I have a couple squares of that skulls and crossbones fabric in my first-ever quilt. It was just too fun to resist. With all the typical quilting fabrics I was using, I thought something like that would be fun.
    So glad you're enjoying the machine! I played around with mine this morning and turned an old tshirt into a practice top for belly dance class. This afternoon I hope to get working on my apron for book club on monday.

  4. You have the same machine that my bestie, Melissa, has!! I'm extremely jealous. =P My favorite feature of that machine is that it cuts the tread for you. I would love it if mine did that! One day... =)

    I'm glad you're enjoying it! And, yes, you did a great job for your first project. My first project was a machine cover too...which I ended up doing over because I didn't sew the correct sides. You'll get the hang of it soon and be making all kinds of things!

  5. My sister just bought me my very first sewing machine for my birthday. It is a brother as well. Not quite the same one as you but similar. I can't wait to start working on my huge list of projects!

  6. If you look on the bottom arm of the machine, next to the foot, there should be marks that, if you run the edge of your fabric along it, you'll get 1/2", 3/4", etc. seam allowances. Happy Sewing! (And if you're ever in need of simple patterns for baby quilts, I'm your girl. I have TONS!)

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  8. I got a Brother sewing machine for Christmas too! :0) Except mine is not as high tech as yours! I've only done practice stitches, I havent had time to make anything yet.

  9. Ok. I'm jealous. Your machine does monogramming. Seriously though, that's awesome and I'm so happy for you

  10. What a great machine!! Love the cover on it!

  11. Nice! I adopted my mother's old sewing machine and it has yet to leave the storage spot I placed it.

    I can't wait to see what you make first!


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