January 20, 2012

Friday Randomness

To the newbs:

Usually on Fridays I like to compile my favorite things I’ve run across this week, random thoughts, informative articles, maybe an interesting video.

But I’m pretty much brain-dead right now thanks to a certain husky puppy waking me up at 0300 this morning and not letting me get much sleep after that. Of course, the little stinker had to go and get all sick later so I can’t be mad at him.

Anyway, since I don’t have the mental energy to scour teh interwebz for actual helpful information, you’re getting a glimpse of my activity on pinterest this week.

Source: etsy.com via Jaci on Pinterest

By a good friend and fellow BB. The pin links to her etsy store. Aren't those the cutest?? And right now, she's running a fantastic deal on them on her blog! Be sure and check it out!

Source: shopruche.com via Jaci on Pinterest

Seems like a good project.

Source: amazon.com via Jaci on Pinterest

Love this, except I really would want a drawer or something.

In case you're like me and not creative enough to come up with it on your own

Too cute! I envision several of these in my wardrobe this summer.

Oh yes, this is happening, or some variation that works with my current cut. LOVE red!

This is what my hair looks like in my dreams.

You know me and my nail polish. This is actually me from last week. The nails have since been filled.

And now for some randoms:

Source: google.com via Jaci on Pinterest

Hope you have a great weekend, and feel free to follow me on pinterest through any of those links. (sorry about the weird justification on everything. I'm too lazy too fix it this morning.)


  1. ahhh! I love you! Thanks for putting me in your blog!!!! :)

  2. I want that glitter polish! I keep seeing everyone at work with it on and it is absolutely fantastic!!

  3. great post! :) Love the organizing the outfit/closet. I may have to do that! :)

  4. Oooh I love love Pinterest. Thanks for giving me the courage to sign up a little ways back. Changed my life :) Ha ha.


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