January 5, 2012

Calling All Y'all!!

Do you have an etsy shop? A blog design service? A home-based business? A fun crafty hobby?

I'm looking for giveaway sponsors for the next few months and I'd LOVE to feature one of your wares here on Me and My SoldierMan!

If you're at all interested or just curious, please leave a comment with your reply-to email set (or email in the comment) and I'll be in touch!


  1. I would love to offer a blog makeover if you'd like it. http://www.craftyhippodesigns.com/ Jeannette@CraftyHippoDesigns.com

  2. I'd be up for donating. If it's in the next month, I should be able to do an e-book download and within two months I could do a signed book. Not sure if that would even appeal to your followers, but thought I'd at least offer.

    - Dallas E. Caldwell

  3. I'd love to donate :-)



  4. Just came across your blog. Consider me a new follower. Id love for you to come check out my blog at hopefully do the same?



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