December 21, 2011

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Grab your kleenex. But most of you probably already saw this coming.

Youtube has this version blocked, so this comes courtesy of some Russian website. But really, is there any version more poignant? Even before the Army was a thought in our lives, Josh Groban singing this song with messages from servicemembers overseas to their families just sent me over the edge. (I really hope this plays...if not, you MUST download the song. It's everywhere songs are downloadable.)

I especially love this song this year because two of our dearest friends are having their soldiers come home for Christmas R&R. Can't wait till they're all home.


  1. I just started listening to it and I have chills!

  2. I'm at work and can't listen right now...but I cannot wait to get home so I can!

  3. I was looking everywhere for this...I wonder why YouTube blocked it?! Thank you!!!!

  4. Oh man I love me some Josh Grobin and messages from service members...tears though! and why would YouTube have it blocked???
    thanks for sharing...I need some kleenex now.


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