December 8, 2011

Because No One Gets On Blogger on Fridays

Well, not totally true. Go here and it seems like tons of people get on blogger on the weekends!

Anyway, just a couple of quick things:

I have a new article up at Big Hollywood. Read, Millies, read. This concerns us.

So, remember those awesome free Shutterfly cards I had a giveaway for a few months ago? Well, for hosting the giveaway, I was also given a supply of free Christmas cards. Lifestyles of the rich and famous, over here. Anyway, one thing after another, we finally had to resort to plan C to get pictures taken for our Christmas cards - that is, me using the self-timer on my camera propped up on a tray table (I don't have a tripod....yet....) to take pictures of us and the dogs.

Yes, the dogs will be on our Christmas cards. I'm equal parts ashamed and amused. I never wanted to be one of "those people" who put their pets (not children, y'all, pets) on their Christmas cards, but they were so darn cute I couldn't help it.

Well, I thought they were cute. They weren't really feeling the whole "Christmas spirit" thing.

And since I took so long to order our cards, I'm not totally sure everyone will get them before Christmas, but that's okay.

Is anyone else a little flummoxed as to what to do this weekend since there's no football game to plan around? It's like we have a whole extra day or something. Well, whatever you do, do it great!

And finally, don't forget, there's still time to enter my OPI giveaway!! Go check it out!


  1. Hahaha, I'm SO that person taking millions of pictures of my dogs and putting them everywhere. But our Christmas card this year is including a picture of all us, so that's okay right?! ;)
    I always go on blogger on the weekends, trying to find something to do...and no one posts. Maybe I should start posting since there has to be SOMEONE out there like me right?

  2. Dude, I'm all for the pups on the Christmas card. Often times they are cuter than peoples children {mine excluded of course lol}

  3. This is the 2nd year Jasper has been on our Christmas card. I'm fine with pets on the card, it's the signing of their names on the card that gets me... Because pets say Merry Christmas? Yeah, I don't think so.

    And, yes, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself tomorrow without a game to watch!! It's going to be SO weird.

  4. This is the ONE weekend a year where we have to plan a birthday party around a football game. Go ARMY!

  5. LOL OMG they are too cute! But I agree they dont look too happy about the hats!

  6. First, I LOVE your new photo (above.) I can only hope to see equally awesome Christmas photos soon!

    Also, please keep writing. It really makes me happy.

  7. HAHA! That photo is too cute. They are like WE DO NOT want this photo taken. Toooooo cute!

  8. Can I just say that I loved your christmas cards. . .puppies and all! They look so cute in the hats! I'm impressed you got them to keep them on! I couldn't even wrangle the two toddlers in the same frame the entire holiday season. :)


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