November 14, 2011

Who doesn't like free stuff?

I've noticed that several of you wonderful BBs have joined or are thinking about joining Swagbucks. And I promise, this will be the last post I do about it for a while. But a few people have asked some questions, so I thought I'd write a little post answering some of those questions.

And to break up a text-heavy post, I'm throwing in some cute puppy pics, too.


First of all, What is Swagbucks? Swagbucks is a free online community where you join and perform activities to earn points, or swagbucks (SB). Once you accumulate your goal of SB, you go to the Swag Store and spend the SB on things like electronics, jewelry, books and gift cards. It's essentially like building up free gift certificates.

How do you earn SB? Swagbucks encourages you to earn SB by using their search engine instead of Google or Bing. And as you search, you will randomly be award SB in various denominations, up to 50 SB. I think the most I've gotten from a single search is 15 SB. The higher amounts are, naturally, more infrequently awarded. It's really easy to search using their engine. Now, granted, if I'm searching for a specific image or news story, I usually have to go to Google to find what I want anyway. But, I often get SB for searching because I did a Swagbucks search first before trying Google. So it's worth it.

When you sign up for Swagbucks, you automatically start with a set amount (I believe right now it's 30 SB) to get you going. And then you are set to start searching! But there are plenty of other ways to earn SB.

The biggest lump sums of SB are earned through - here we go - spending money. "But wait! I thought it was free!" It is, and there are lots of ways to earn free SB, which I'll cover in a minute. But, if it's money you're going to spend anyway, why not get some SB as well? For example, if you like to use Groupon, you can buy the Groupon through Swagbucks and get (for example) 180 SB on top of it. I've done this with Living Social and Fandango. It's a great deal to take advantage of. I think I got almost 400 SB when I did the Fandango deal. Or, if you shop online at Gap, Old Navy or Pro Flowers (to name a few) you get SB for that, as well!

I know, I know, what we're really interested in is the free stuff. So, let's talk about free. Money Saving Mom has a pretty comprehensive guide to navigating Swagbucks. She goes into a lot of detail about some things I don't really do, but if you finish this post and want more info, click there for the whole 3-page long shpeel.

Here, though, I'm just going to go over what my daily (yes, daily) Swagbucks routine is. So How do I earn SB and how much do I get a day?

Daily Poll. Self-explainatory. 1 SB

NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers). Basically, it's a small collection of services wanting you to sign up for their newsletters or a free cholesterol test or something. Click through them all (or sign up, if you want, it's free) until you get to the end. 2 SB

The Trusted Surveys page. You don't actually have to take a survey and I'm not in a good demographic age/gender/income-wise (they are probably heavy on female 20-somethings) so I never get selected. BUT - just visiting the page = 1 SB

Swag codes. Every day one or two Swag codes are released somewhere on teh interwebz. They range in value, but I usually get somewhere between 5-15 SB a day from codes. Swagbucks announces on facebook and twitter when a new code has been released and gives clues on where to find it, so you know where to look.
BEWARE: Swagbucks also releases what they call "Partner Codes" every day. Partner Codes are like Swag codes - EXCEPT they don't count toward your SB. They only count at the partner site. For example, if you see a Partner Code for the New Orleans Saints, and you enter it, you only get credit for SB toward Saints merchandise, not regular Swag Store merchandise. I didn't know this in the beginning and I have about 300 Partner SB that I can't use. It's annoying.

Swagbucks TV. This is where a little more effort is involved. For every 10 3-5 minute videos you "watch", you get 3 SB. What I usually do is have one going in the background whenever I'm on the computer - and since I work on the computer, that's pretty much all day. You don't have to take a quiz after to "prove" you really watched them. Just let them play while you're on facebook or blogger, or doing dishes or laundry or whatever. I just discovered the other day they have tons of vids from Food Network, so I have actually been watching more of the videos. But it doesn't matter what you watch, or even if you've seen a particular video multiple times. Every view counts. So the # of SB you can get here a day really all depends on you.

Then, there are the Games. You can play games on Swagbucks (my favorite is a Tetris-like game called Drop 3) for free 2 SB. Again, these are randomly awarded between rounds. But I usually get 6-10 a day. You can also enter tournaments for large award pots of nearly 1000SB, but I'm not nearly good enough to compete there. But still, you have that option.

So, on average, I get anywhere from 20-40 SB a day, not counting searching or referrals.

Oh! I forgot to tell you about referrals! This is the best part:

When you sign people up under you, you get matching SB for every SB they earn by searching. So if someone I refer to Swagbucks earns 7 SB for a search, I get 7 SB, too, and it doesn't cost my referral person a thing. You get up to 1000 matched SB per referral person.

Now the big question: Does it work? Answer: Abso-frickin-lutely. I wouldn't scam you. I've already gotten $75 worth of gift cards and I'm already set to get more. It's free cash-money. We're all looking for ways to save money, and this is a great way to help do that. I use my SB for gift cards so I can buy luxury items I want, like books or OPI (trust me, that's luxury around here these days!) as well as other items we need, and it doesn't cost us anything except maybe $2-3 in shipping (over the amount on the giftcards).

This is a great program that has worked for me and I would love it to work for you, too. All you have to do to start is click the button below. Remember, it's totally free and no obligation. So what are you waiting for?

Search & Win

Several of you astute readers probably noticed this is a repost. Yes, it is. But since I'm on hiatus and I've picked up several new followers since this last posted, I thought I'd share it again. Cause who doesn't love free stuff, amiright??


  1. I LOVE the pictures of your dogs!!! Haha, sorry I know that's not the point of the post, but they are seriously adorable. :)

  2. I had been seeing a lot of stuff about swagbucks on facebook, and I always wondered what it was. Thanks for the explanation. I just might have to do that!

  3. So I totally just signed up for swagbucks, I'm all for free stuff. Thanks for all the information.

  4. I don't think you get the free buck for the surveys page anymore. I haven't be awarded in months. :(

  5. Thanks for the info! I might check that out. And the pup pics really did help to break up the text. lol! :)

  6. I've always wondered the low-down on swag bucks! Thanks for sharing!


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