November 2, 2011

Ten Things I've Learned Since We Joined the Army

Today is SoldierMan's "official" two-year Army anniversary. (I forgot to make a post for the anniversary of his actual swearing in, back in July. Oops). It's been quite a ride. The transition from civilian newlyweds to being the "old married couple" in the Army (by LT standards, that is) has been interesting. We've made lots of great new friends, seen more of the country by car than I ever cared to, and yes, got two insane puppies that I know would not have been added otherwise.

So, today I'm giving you my

Top Ten Things I've Learned Since We Joined the Army

10. We joined the Army. I know that sentiment offends people. But it's the truth.

9. The Army is a lifestlye. It's also a job. And it's entirely possible (and I believe essential for good mental health) to disassociate the two from time to time.

8. There are a lot of bad officers. There are a lot of bad NCOs. There are a lot of bad lower-enlisted. Regardless of what either group tries to tell you, none of them have the market cornered on stupid, lazy, inefficient, or useless personnel. The same goes for spouses.

7. There are a lot of good officers. There are a lot of good NCOs. There are a lot of good lower-enlisted. Regardless of what either group tries to tell you, none of them have the market cornered on capable, intelligent, hard-working or essential personnel. The same goes for spouses.

6. "Adaptable" is the keyword.

5. The Army is not SoldierMan's wife, and I am not his mistress. Our marriage will last much longer than any Army contract, so that's where it's most important to invest ourselves.

4. I'm still not much of a "girlfriends" person. But thanks to the Army, I've met some of the most amazing and interesting women in my life, and made friends with whom I have already formed connections that will last a lifetime.

3. There's no place like home. But as long as we're together, we're good.

2. Sometimes the Army is great. Sometimes it sucks. Don't dwell on either.

1. I've changed a lot over the past two years. I'm still me. Just better.


  1. I love this! So true.

    I especially love 8 and 2.

  2. Oh gosh, I completely forgot that Mark's army anniversary was on November 1st!!! I agree completely with 1-9, but I admit I am one of those people who refuses to use "we." A lot of people do so I don't get offended, and I get it, but I just don't personally use it.

    Although, maybe a year apart will change my mind.

  3. Great post! My husband is coming up on his two year anniversary too.

  4. Wow! It's already been two years? How times moves!

  5. Oh goodness. J has been in the Army for almost 7 years now, and active duty for 3. One thing I learned is that the Reserves in an entire world apart from active duty. I didn't consider myself an Army wife until he went active.

    I completely agree with the entire list. And yes, "we" did join. It was a decision that we made together, and it was a change that affected both of us.

  6. Perfect. I'm linking to this today because it's better than anything I currently could put on paper right now!

    Big hug and good luck on the writing!

  7. This is awesome!!! Great job summing up a lot of well-learned military-life things!!!

  8. Love this list! :)Definitely puts things into perspective for me, as a newbie.

  9. nice post, I thin #6 would be at the top of my list...if you don't learn that early on, you're in for a rough ride!

  10. We hit the 4 year mark in March, it's crazy to think it's been that long already. I love what you said about there being good and bad people of every rank- the same goes for every branch (we're AF).

  11. This is a wonderful post. And congratulations to both of you for passing the 2 year mark!

    PS, a smaller, way more grudging congrats that your Sooners beat my Aggies today...!

  12. Your points are so true! I especially love numbers seven and eight...although I would like to add MOS in there as well. I'm tired of certain people (at least in our current community) act like they are above others because of the job their husband holds.


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