October 3, 2011

TV Tuesday

Warning: Spoilers ahead.
  • This week's Amazing Race was a double elimination, which was pretty cool.

    I have to say, and I'm not judging, but I am surprised by how few people noticed the sign at the orphanage. I guess that's what tension and fatigue will do to you. I'm also not too disappointed with who got eliminated, especially the Survivor couple. I mean, they're nice and all...but for crying out loud, they've already won a million dollars. Each. That's hard to root for against other people who might need the money more.

    However, I am very happy that the retired couple did so well. And the football couple. And the father/son team. So, I think those are my teams this season. I hope I'm not disappointed later. :)

  • New Girl this last week was better. Except that Damon Wayans was gone. That was sad. But the story kept pace pretty well and the characters are starting to gel.

    Source: fox.com via Valerie on Pinterest

    I'm not totally sold yet, but I am more optimistic.

  • Hawaii 5-0 is moving right along. Still snappy. Still pretty.

  • Fringe is also staying interesting. I like how they are pulling together the two universes. And I am totally intrigued with the whole Peter thing. Mostly I'm loving seeing Anna Torv play two different/same characters. She does it so well.

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  • Person of Interest is hands-down my favorite new show this season.

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    We're only two episodes in, and I'm sold. If you haven't watched it yet, it's about a computer programmer who created software designed to interpret data and predict terrorist activities before they happen. Because it's a computer program, it can't tell the difference between "relevant" incidents (terrorism) and "irrelevant" ones (individual murders, specifically). So the computer programmer, Harold, finds an indigent former Ranger, Reese, and they find and protect people on the Irrelevant List. It's kind of like that movie Eagle Eye, but way, way better.

    First of all, I love the concept. I love (some) detective shows, and this has all the deduction without any of the gore *cough*CSI*cough*. Plus, it has Michael Emerson from LOST. And Hawaii 5-0 has Terry O'Quinn and Daniel Dae Kim from LOST. So it's almost like LOST is still here, only without the stupid people like Jack.



  1. LOVE person of interest! My favorite new show too!

  2. Hubby and I no longer have TV :( we are going to get Hulu soon so we can be in on the action though :)

    Thank you for commenting on my Subway art! I just posted a video on how to do it yourself using picnik :) Happy Crafting!!!

  3. I know it's not on Tuesdays, but have you watched "Revenge" it's sooooo good!!

  4. We were very unimpressed with Anna Torv, well into the series. Only in seeing Olivia/Bolivia do you realize what she's doing in making Olivia such a flat character. Plus the effects, putting them onscreen together - impressive. Bolivia handing an object to Olivia? Impressive.


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