October 5, 2011


I ran across this a while back and it's caused some things to be rolling around in my head for a while:

The first thing is, I really do like Kandee's videos, so if you are interested in some make-up tutorials, hers are very instructive, if not the most high-tech.

But the other thing is, look, I've always thought Kim Kardashian is (physically) a beautiful lady. I watched their show a couple of seasons and I can't say her behavior is always beautiful (but then, I don't know how I'd look if I was followed around by cameras 24/7 and then had my movements edited to fit a narrative.) But then I see things like this and it makes me think, wow, if you are literally caking that much make-up on every day, do I even know what you really look like? Do you?

Anyway, this is sort of connected to something else that's a little embarrassing to admit. There's this lady who I've known for a number of years. And for every single day of those years, I have seriously envied her. She is very sweet, loved by everyone, and drop-dead gorgeous. And - most embarrassing thing - it was the gorgeous part I envied the most. Cause she's, like, perfect. Perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect teeth, perfect figure....everything.

Not long ago we reconnected on facebook, which has been great, of course, catching up. The ironic thing about facebook is, as much as the critics accuse social media of creating "fake" relationships, when it comes to communicating online, people are very, very real. We all know this. The internal filter is turned off. Half because we don't have to address anyone face to face, half because it feels like writing in a journal rather than posting something on a bulletin board in the hallway for everyone to see.

Via facebook, I've discovered some things about this friend. The first is that, in many ways, she's even more amazing than I realized. (tiny girl crush, I admit). But the other thing is, I've learned that perfection has its price. Because, in order to have a perfect appearance, you have to be obsessed with appearance. And even with all the other things this lady has going for her, including a great personal and professional life, she is obsessed with appearance.

She's obsessed with lots of other good things, too. Career, faith, family. Okay, maybe she's just obsessive in general. But I guess what I'm trying to say is, this is why I try to be careful not to pursue perfection. "Perfect" is a pretty artificial standard when it comes to humans.

Really - do we see a person whose family and ethnicity makes her body style tend towards being beautifully full-figured and praise her for accepting her body as God intended it to be? Or do you look at her and think, "Someone needs to get on a bike."

I know the answer. I follow your twitter.

I want to share this post with you guys about a friend of mine from back home. Shanda is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, and I'm not just saying that. She has the most kind and gentle spirit. For a long time she has struggled with chronic migraines, but you will never hear her complain. Ever. And frankly, I've always thought she was beautiful, even when (it turns out) she didn't.

On another blog, she shared her story of how she has lost 40 pounds and counting. Not because she wants to change who she is, be anything she's not or be what somebody else says she should be. I'm sharing this with you because I know everyone struggles at one point or another with addictions and body image and trusting God, sometimes all three together. Read, friends, and be encouraged: Shanda's Story.


  1. I loved Shanda's story! She spoke truth. With God, anything is possible. I am learning that more and more every day. Thank you for sharing her story.

  2. Very true and very real post. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. That's absolutely amazing. I think part of our obsession with appearance is the importance our culture puts on it. Like if you don't dye your hair, wear globs of makeup and practically starve yourself you're not pretty. I struggle with body issues myself, so I get it. It's hard to accept our bodies the way they are when we see skinny-as-a-rail models everywhere, including those motivational posters saying "get off your butt and workout." It's not realistic. Shanda's story is awesome and is exactly what we should all do. Thanks for sharing. =)


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