October 13, 2011

Friday Randomness

  • Thanks for all the good words on my last real post. It really meant a lot.

  • I've been married four years and the only fall decorations I have are a centerpiece and table cloth set we were given at our wedding. I know, I've got the same expression on my face. So my porch is bare, we don't have a mantle (no fireplaces in the desert!) and I haven't even gotten out the table decorations. They look kind of pitiful on their own, really. But I have big plans for Christmas, thanks to pinterest!

  • I found this on pinterest back in the day:

    I used to think it was really cute. Then I really stopped and looked at it. That rhinoceros, see what her motivational poster is of? A unicorn. A rhinoceros can never be a unicorn.

    First of all, they are two different species. And of course, unicorns...are fictional. They don't exist. No matter how much that rhinoceros exercises, she can never be a unicorn. She's put an impossible goal in front of her, and as a result, will always see herself as "less than."

    Honestly, that's how I've come to view all those "motivational" pics going around pinterest and facebook. Oh, I do enjoy a lot of the motivational phrases on them. But the background image of an airbrushed model, covered in body makeup and sprayed with fake sweat in an athletic pose...come on, now. My heart aches for every one of my friends who posts those with the subheading: "I am going to look like this!" No, honey, you aren't, not without some expensive photoshopping. Why can't we just want to look like the best version of ourselves, rather than some fictional photoshopped female?

    But that's another post all its own :)

  • I ran across this last week: Steve Jobs, the Secular Prophet. Basically, the thesis of the article is what I've been saying for years (and been taking plenty of shots for it). It's lengthy, but well worth the read, as is this one: How Steve Jobs and Christ defeated death and preached the gospel. Excellent companion/follow-up piece.

  • So true:

    Source: tumblr.com via Jaci on Pinterest

  • This is why gun control laws are evil: this woman had been abused for nearly 20 years and finally had to kill her husband in self-defense. And now she's going to serve jail time for owning a gun.

  • Sometimes I wish I had one of these in the house to keep me focused:

    "No pinterest! No facebook! Keep writing!" Everyone needs a good whack on the knuckles now and then.


  1. Bwa ha ha! I liked your random post today!!! Your points made me think AND laugh, so thanks! And I didn't comment the other day, but did read your "real post" as you called it. I enjoyed reading it - thank you for writing it. Very much agreed with you.

  2. Haha! I need a nun with a ruler, too.

    Also...maybe we could send each other photos of ourselves to make into motivational posters. ;)

  3. Just on a random note, the Indian rhinoceros' Latin name (?) is "Rhinoceros unicornis". I'm not sure if this is the original article I read about it, but maybe the one who designed that picture had another point behind it?


    I completely get your point, and it's a good one, just thought I'd make life more interesting for you. Keep at it with the writing! You can do it! :)

  4. I haven't decorated for Fall either. Except for a wreath on the door. I don't feel like decorating since The Hubster is gone. :( I don't even think I'm going to put up a tree for Christmas. Too much work and Piglet won't care.


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