September 1, 2011

Random Thursday

  • Thanks for all the kind words on my last post. After the fact, I realized it was more ominous than I intended. Still don't really want to go into anything until I have something more concrete to report, but suffice it to say that there are no life-or-death situations and we are all alive and well. And, of course, regardless of what the next few weeks and months bring, life goes on.

  • SoldierMan's been really awesome since receiving the disappointing news, since it affects him as well (in some ways, more. actually, in every way, more.) He's been wonderfully sympathetic, understanding and positive. I don't know what I'd do without him.

  • I've gotten way more into pinterest than I thought I would...though still not as much as some of the people I follow. Which is fine. I'm not a visual person, anyway. Which is why most of the things I've pinned haven't been pictures, they've been quotes. Such as:

    I especially like the #7s.

  • You're getting a random Thursday rather than random Friday because, obviously, tomorrow starts the long Labor Day weekend. Yay! Not that we're going anywhere. I think our only big plans are landscaping the front yard (finally! I'm sure our neighbors are thrilled) and, of course, OU FOOTBALL!!

    Source: via Jaci on Pinterest

    That's wide receiver Ryan Broyles up there. There was a fantastic article about him in the paper this week. Excerpt: "He started going to church weekly and reading the Bible regularly. He learned verses. He absorbed doctrine. He developed, as he calls it, head knowledge of God. “But I never had a relationship,” he said. “I never really put him in my soul.” All that changed in Haiti. Ryan Broyles was in one of the poorest places on the planet, and he was envious."

  • Everyone have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I've slacked off terribly with blog reading as of late. Whatever the news you receive is, I know you'll do what you can to make the best of it.

    On another note, will you hate me if I say "GO MICHIGAN!" for college football season? :D

  2. I can't wait for Saturday!!!!! =D I'm soooo excited about the game. I'm pretty sure we'll be able to watch it which makes it that much more excited. Haha. =) I love that Super Woman/Abiding Woman pin. Love it. I'm glad your medical issues aren't life-and-death but you're killing me with the lack of info. What can I say, I'm just really curious {read: nosy}. =P Happy Labor Day weekend and Boomer Sooner!

  3. I'm seeing people all over Facebook talking about Pinterest. I'm avoiding it for as long as I possibly can...I can't get addicted to anything else!!! Blogging and Facebook and the occassional Twitter...that's all I can handle!! But people seem to really like it so I may have to check it out.

  4. I haven't even looked at pinterest. I am scared I will become addicted. :-) But I am so tempted to check it out!
    I've missed chatting and keeping up with you during my blogging hiatus(es)!

  5. I love Pinterest but I only get on there for small periods of time!

  6. I love your list. Where did you get it? Do you mind if I copy and paste it? Or hang it on my bathroom mirror?

  7. Boomer Sooners!! I am super excited for the game this coming up weekend versus Florida St!! It'll be tough being in Florida, but we can do it!! The house looks good :) Have a great week! and Go OU!!


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