September 16, 2011

Friday Randomness

  • Caffeine, glorious caffeine. I've had to be caffeine-free much of this week so today I'm renewing my relationship with my favorite beverage.

  • We finally got around to watching The King's Speech the other night. Of course, I loved it.

    After giving the eulogy at my grandma's funeral last week, I had a lot of sympathy for King George. Public speaking is not one of my favorite things. And I tend to halt and stammer in public settings, too. Of course, that same evening I facilitated our FRG meeting, and that wasn't so bad. Maybe because only 20 people were there :)

  • Oh, yes, we had a very successful FRG meeting the other night. Only our second this year - we've had some trouble coordinating with the training calendar. Anyway, we had a great guest speaker, dealt with some quick business, even got an officer position volunteer! And we were done in under an hour! (Which is, of course, the biggest gauge of success.) I see wonderful things in our future.

  • Last night was a looooong night. The husky's sleep patterns have been erratic all week anyway. I think I was up all night Tuesday night. Last night, he wanted outside so bad he woke up SoldierMan, which is something I try to avoid since he has such early days. So, since I thought the storms has passed, I let them outside. About an hour later, I woke up to the puppies trying to break down the back door to get in. It was pouring down rain with heavy lightning and thunder, which scares them. They are puppies, after all. They were covered in mud. So, we were giving baths at 0300. Needless to say, I have a feeling it will be another lazy weekend around here.

  • By now you may or may not have heard of the insane, immoral ramblings Pat Robertson made the other day. If you haven't, the short version is, he told an audience member that there were biblical grounds for divorcing a spouse with Alzheimer's because, even though your vows said "in sickness and in health, till death do us part," Alzheimer's is a kind of death, and they aren't the same person they used to be.

    Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

    Now, I can't imagine any person hearing that and not being absolutely disgusted. Disability is not a form of death. You don't get to abandon your suffering spouse with a clear conscience just because they're struggling with Alzheimer's, depression, cancer, disfigurement, anything. Obviously, we aren't speaking about situations where a person's safety is threatened and needs a protective distance. And that doesn't even mean you have to continue to be your spouse's primary care giver if you are genuinely unqualified. But the idea that a person can be too sick or too disabled to be considered a real person anymore has very, very insidious undercurrents to it. Should we be allowed to euthanize those same spouses because we feel they have already died, so it's not really killing them?

    By the way, that whole "they aren't the same person anymore" schlock - who is the same person they were when they got married, unless you got married yesterday? I know I'm not. SoldierMan isn't. People change and grow (hopefully for the better) throughout their lives. To abandon someone because "they aren't the same person anymore" is like saying you're abandoning them for being a year older. It's petty, selfish and wrong. Just plain wrong.

    There's another side to this as well. The fact that Robertson claims this is biblicly supported is, in my mind, evil. If you haven't studied it, here's a summation: God created marriage to give us the blessing of that special earthly relationship with another human being, but also (and foremost) to be a picture to the world of what His relationship with us is like. We, believers and followers of Christ, are described as the Bride of Christ in the Bible. That's why there are so many passages about marriage and why we vow to forsake all others and stick with each other until death, and not a second before: because that's what God does for us. Read the book of Hosea. No matter how many times we love idols more than God, we disobey His commands or we fail to live holy lives, as our Groom, He never leaves us. Not when we're angry at Him, not when we lie to Him, not when we get sick or old or chubby or exhausted or burned out or disorganized or anything less than perfect. He never leaves. And that's why He declared that, when we decide to follow His example and marry another person here on Earth, we can never leave, because He will never leave us. For Robertson or anyone else to say, implicitly or explicitly, that God will "understand" if we choose to leave a spouse who is sick or disabled is nothing short of a blasphemous lie from Satan. I literally cannot find strong enough language to communicate this.

  • Whew. Okay, now that I've got that out of my system....I finally got to place my latest Amazon order with Swagbucks gift cards today! I'm pretty excited. Part of what I got is functional/decorative, so I'll wait till I get it in to tell/show you about it. But what I'm really excited about is, I ordered some more OPI (of course) in game day colors!

    I can't wait till they get in! I know some of you girls know what I'm talking about. Game-day gear is the best! (colors not exactly true)

  • What are your big plans for the weekend?


  1. Good writing JG. Always love your rants. And I, to, wonder what Pat Robertson was thinking. Does he have dementia?
    Best Regards, CHOW

  2. Omg, I heard about Pat Roberston's "advice" on the news this morning! I told Joe that was why we never watch the 700 Club. It boggles my mind how many "evangelists" and "pastors" can be so CLEARLY blasphemous!!! There is NOTHING in the Bible to support his beliefs, and obviously it speaks against divorce and leaving your spouse. I can't even begin to imagine leaving Joe if he got alzheimer's (which his grandpa had) or dementia or lost a limb or anything like that! You're right - none of us are the same person we were on the day that we got married. We all grow and change and that doesn't give anyone - especially Christians who KNOW BETTER - the right to leave their spouse. UGH!

    I totally feel you on the no caffeine. I had my first bit of caffeine yesterday since I found out I was pregnant. It was actually way easier to give up than I thought it would be. But colds and sore throats call for coffee and I don't have any decaf. And man did I ever crash after it wore off yesterday!!!!

  3. I agree about Pat Robertson, I was shocked when I heard that!

    I have big plans to clean and get rid of stuff this weekend. We're moving soon so I feel like I HAVE to pare down things in our extra closet (ok all over the house but it's the biggest problem in the extra closet)!

  4. I've tried giving up coke. It's isn't happening. I think I have gone 2 days at most without it. I need your will power!

    The whole Alzheimer's thing makes me sick. I know when my grandfather got sick it was hard on everyone and it only got worse but I can't believe someone would actually be heartless and callous enough to divorce someone... RAWR. I felt bad enough for not seeing him in the last couple of months, which I only did because I wanted to remember him healthy, whole. Not the way he was at the end.

    I was definitely amazon searching earlier trying to decide what I wanted to put my gift cards towards. I still haven't made a decision.


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