September 6, 2011

Four Years

Four years. Four crazy short years.

Today is our 4th anniversary. SoldierMan and I have been rather reflective recently. Four years ago, neither one of us could have predicted where we would be today: in the army, in Texas, with dogs.

It's strange to think of the paths God takes you on. And it has been a very fast four years. And I am thankful for every one.

We were in Oklahoma for my Grandma Muse's funeral on our anniversary, so we went to The Melting Pot for dinner. Believe it or not, that's the best picture the server took of us. It was very dark and the flash was blinding. Oh, and those flowers? SoldierMan had them waiting for me at the restaurant. It was all I could do not to *squee* right there in the restaurant! :)

I love you, SoldierMan. I wouldn't do this with anyone else. You're my favorite.


  1. Congratulations, glad you could spend it together.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Time does fly, huh? We're only coming up on two and I feel like just yesterday I was planning. You made on beautiful bride! Congratulations and I hope you had a wonderful celebration (other than awkward pictures!)

  3. You were a beautiful bride!! Happy Anniversary!

  4. HAPPY anniversary!!! What a sweet post!! :)

  5. Happy Anniversary :)

    Your wedding picture is gorgeous! I tell Trey he's my favorite all the time too.

  6. Glad you had a good anniversary even with your grandma's funeral and all. I know that couldn't have been easy. Points to SoldierMan for having flowers waiting at the restaurant!! I've never been to Melting Pot, but I've ALWAYS wanted to. One day. =)

    Happy Anniversary!


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