August 22, 2011


I think I should just resign myself to the fact that Monday runs are going to stink. Last week got progressively better, and in fact I met my goal distance for the week. Now for a new week, and a new goal.

My other goal for the week is to get serious about cross-training. Since I work my lower body on run days, I'd use Tuesday and Thursday for core and upper body training. I'm going to break out the old P90X dvds and do some Core Synergistics, Yoga, and Chest and Arms. Provided the puppies cooperate. They think jumping jacks are a group activity.

I keep going to the runDisney website and facebook group to keep my motivation up. Hopefully after this next payday we can actually register. I don't want to wait too long. Next week SoldierMan will put in his official leave request for those dates. Better early than late. (All I can say is, he better not get sent to Ranger school by then. I'll just have to go to Florida alone, which I don't want to do....but if I let my mind even conceive of the possibility that I might not actually be able to go...that's what keeps putting my running shoes on every week.)

How is your week going?


  1. Even if he can't go for some reason, you don't have to be alone. There is a big group of Army Wives going. You can meet up with us. Whether he is with you or not, you can still meet up with us for dinner the day before or breakfast after the race. Email me and we can talk about it if you are interested. I will need to know soon so I can make the dining reservation. (I'd rather add you and have to take you off than not know now and not be able to add to the reservation)

    I've been having some tough runs lately too. Old insecurities are creeping in and I am worried if I will be able to do it. But we have to just keep plugging along.

  2. Please help me for Christ sake

  3. Hopefully this week goes much better than the last two weeks. I just have not had the energy lately. I know I need to push through this wall, so that is what I am planning on doing this week. I did run last night and it was pretty pitiful, but that is to be expected after basically missing two weeks. I am hoping tonight will be a little bit better!

    My besties and I are actually thinking about running in the 5k that is the same weekend as the Princess Half Marathon. We have not completely decided yet. But we may be there and will happily cheer you on if we are!!

  4. My week is not very full of exercise, I'll tell you that much! Well, not the kind of exercise that I consider "exercise" I guess. I can't wait to lace up my running shoes again someday. But I know it is hard to find the motivation sometimes! And your image from Pinterest...I've heard so many people talk about Pinterest. I got an invite from a friend, but when it was taking me through FB to sign up I was like "What?" And didn't go any further. Do you love it? I should probably look into in more.

    Side note...are you getting weird comments from people (I just noticed the one up above) and I got one, too. Maybe not from the same person, and it had a link to go and donate to. It was a few weeks ago. It disturbed me a little.

  5. You're doing great! Keep it up! In my mind, no matter the distance/speed, the consistency to keep getting out there and doing SOMETHING is the biggest part of the battle. You've already won, in my book. You can keep practicing for improvement, but you're winning every time to choose to put your shoes on and head out the door. Good job, girlie - stick with it!!

  6. I'm horrible about cross training, especially when it comes to strength training. I have some routines I can do at home. Just need to start doing them I guess.

  7. Ever since starting triathlon training, I found out how essential it is to cross train. My biking and swimming workouts seem to make me stronger.

    Happy running/cross-training!

    You know what helps me stay motivated? Reading running/healthy living blogs. :)


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