August 16, 2011


Oh, right. It's Tuesday. :p I totally forgot.

Last week we were on leave (post for the future, once I steal my family's pics) and so there was no treadmill time. Actually, I got on the treadmill yesterday for the first time in like 10 days. I didn't have high expectations, and even those were dashed. But, that's okay. It's a new week.

In good news, I had to go to Walmart today (blah) but while I was there I did the blood pressure cuff. No improvement there, but my resting heart rate has gone down, so that's good.

Anyway, that's this week's update.


  1. Sounds like me. Exercising on vacation? I rather not. :) Just too much good food and good company.

    Hope you will get back to running again soon. It's such a great workout.


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