August 1, 2011


**This was supposed to post tomorrow, on Tuesday, but I accidentally posted it just now. Oops.

Weird title? According to Blogger, this is my 666th post. I wish I had something more significant to say today, but perhaps its best not to make too much of a deal about it, eh?

Anyway, it's Tuesday. That means a C25K update.

And this is the part where I tell you I'm deviating from the plan. We're into the phase of the plan where it's just timed long runs. 25 minutes, 28, 30. That's not long to some (many) of you, but it is to me. And I'm still struggling with the time thing. So I've decided that now that I'm out of the interval phase "officially," I'm going to start going for distance rather than time endurance. I know my body will move for the 45 straight minutes (except for last week, when my legs started to give out from under me once. Needless to say, that run was cut short).

So yesterday, I did my maintenance run. And first of all, I was pretty satisfied with my base line achievement. And most of all, I actually enjoyed it. I mean, for the first time in weeks and weeks, I got off the treadmill and didn't want to cry or die. I think I may have even experienced endorphins. It was amazing. For the first time in weeks, I didn't hate running and I didn't feel like it was a chore. And I actually want to go back on Wednesday.

So, that's where I'm at. And to thank you for making it through that post, I'm letting you know about a sweet giveaway Sasha is having - a $25 Visa Gift card giveaway! It doesn't get much better than that! Click the link to head over and enter!


  1. I am still not at the point where I am enjoying it. Congrats to you on that milestone! I did however finish the 25 minutes last night. I am doing better with the time than I am with distance; so that's what I really need to work on the distance aspect.

  2. For as much as I have been running, there are still days when running feels like a chore. And my last mile during a long run is usually the worst.

    I always remind myself that it doesn't really matter how for or how fast I go. What matters is that I'm out there. I'm doing something to improve my health. As long as I try, I'm doing good. I know I'm a slow runner. I'm a slow biker, too. But hey, at least I'm out there doing something physical instead of sitting on my butt eating ice cream (which I would much rather be doing).

  3. I agree with the comment above. As much as I enjoy running, there are days when I just do not feel like it at all. I think it's like that with every type of exercise. The only difference is that you can make it an easier effort by getting better at it. :) Good luck with your running adventures!


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