July 18, 2011


This was an odd week for me, running-wise. I finally broke through the plateau I had hit a couple of weeks ago. That was awesome. I also realized I had been training at faster than the minimum required pace for the Princess Half Marathon, and that made me feel more confident. I also found out I have gained about 7 pounds since I started running. And since I'm not doing any real cross-training, that was cause for alarm.

I'm not sure why this is, since my diet hasn't really changed since I started running. I'm also not supposed to start retaining water for another week or so, so it's not like I weighed at the wrong time of the month. I don't know. Obviously, that kind of unexpected news knocks the wind out of you. And I can't deny it's discouraging. But there's nothing to do but move forward and keep going.

This week will be my first "long" run, and I am really nervous. I'm optimistic, but nervous. So next week I will let you know how that goes.


  1. I gain weight when I am on a set workout plan... people hate me because I lose weight when I stop working out. Remember- muscle weighs more than fat! =)

  2. I didn't know you were training for a half! When is your race?

    I did my first half last year and fell in love with them - can't wait to do another!

    Good luck with your training - make sure you stay hydrated on your long run!

  3. Good luck on the long run! You may surprise yourself and do better than you think. I could not believe I actually finished the long run last week. I was super worried about it and I am definitely not looking forward to the 25 min run at the end of this week.

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  5. You're training for a half marathon? Damn, that is hardcore!

  6. Remember, mind over matter. You CAN do this!

  7. Gaining weight is normal. I found myself almost 10 pounds heavier a couple weeks after returning to running. You gain muscles and you have a much bigger appetite. Eventually I dropped those pounds again. It just takes time and dedication. You can do it.

    Btw, what does WWT mean? Maybe I missed something.


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