July 21, 2011

OPI Obsession

I don't know what it is, but the last few days my mind has been consumed with shopping for some new OPI polish. (Well, yes, I do know what it is. It's using up the bottle of $3 Walmart polish I got a few weeks ago...which is basically like trying to paint with watercolors on your nails, it's so runny. But it was an impulse purchase during a lean month, so I feel like I need to make good use of it to justify the purchase.)

Anyway, it all started with looking for a good replacement blue. I found this one online which I think is the winner:

"Yoga Ta Get This Blue!" I love the dark color as well as the sheen. Anyway, you can't order from the OPI website....which I hate. Why am I shopping for OPI online? Because I can't go to the store right now. Then I saw someone mentioned on the OPI facebook page that you can get it on Amazon. It can be a little shady, but it's worth checking out.

And oh goodness. The world of possibilities it opens. You can buy whole sets of OPI polish, full sized or mini, for very cheap.

This was the first I'd run across the Alice in Wonderland collection:

I particularly like the purple and left red shades.

And you can also get the new Katy Perry collection:

Can you tell I like sparkles? Hey, I'm only in my 20s once! And El Paso has had an effect on me. Ultra-glam nails are the thang here. Love!

And, God forgive me, I am in love with the whole Texas collection:

I know, I'm crazy, but the three along the right give me visions of an army-themed pedicure. Cheesy, but I think it sounds oh-so-cute!

I also need to get some base coat and reinforcer, but those are super-cheap. So, let's just say my efforts for generating Swagbucks have redoubled recently.
Search & Win

Last time I got a free $50 Amazon giftcard from them and spent it all on books. There are still some books I want, but I have a feeling that when I get my new gift card (hopefully soon!) it will go completely toward new mani/pedi supplies! :)

Are you an OPI addict, too? What are your favorites? Are you on Swagbucks? If not, click the pic or the link above to start earning FREE points toward prizes like giftcards. It really works!


  1. oh gosh, I am addicted to opi polish! you can buy it at nailpolishdiva.com. I have the entire katy perry & Texas collection. the kardashian's are coming out with their own line of colors as well. nailpolishdiva.com has every color you could possibly need. it looks kinda sketchy but I have ordered from them 3+ times.

  2. I had a long-standing relationship with "Italian Love Affair"

    I tend to stick with neutrals for my fingers and bolder colors for my toes.


  3. You're in El Paso? I wasn't sure, but I knew you were in Texas. Me and my husband are in El Paso, too. If you get the chance check out my blog, I'd love to get an email from you, so maybe we can get together before my husband and I PCS to Alaska. I'm always up for meeting some of my fellow bloggers!
    PS. Absolutely love your blog =]

  4. I love OPI! I got the whole Katy Perry set on amazon for so cheap I thought it was mini-bottles, but they weren't! I've recently discovered that the Sally Hansen complete salon manicure is pretty awesome and a little cheaper. Check it out!

  5. I love OPI...and amazon is the best place to get it :)

  6. I love OPI. Essie is starting to rival it some with their great collections. I really like the blue you have up top and the Texas collection? Don't even get me started! :)

  7. I really love the thought of wearing nail polish on my fingers. It takes so much more work than toes!
    You have inspired me to go out and buy a funky color (OPI of course) and paint my nails today! How FUN!!
    And, hey, I'm only in my 30's once ;) haha!

  8. I only buy OPI on Amazon and usually do not pay more than $4 or $5 (max) per bottle. It has become an obsession! ;)

    I am loving the Texas collection as well!

  9. Ok, so I definitely did not know how cool nail polish could be! But those OPI collections were freaking awesome. I LOVE the Alice In Wonderland set.

  10. I have almost all of those colors! I'm definitely an OPI addict!

  11. I have more OPI than should be legally allowed! I just got the entire Katy Perry collection... warning: the shatter does not look that awesome over it... it's way too black. Also the blue glittery is not as blue, but still BEAUTIFUL! It's my major obsession!

  12. Why am I the only one who ISN'T an OPI addict? I'm not saying I'm loyal to any other polish out there, but man it sounds like I'm missing out! I'm not very good at keeping my nails painted, but I guess on the rare occasions when I do go get a pedi it usually involved OPI polish. So there you go! Maybe if I had some OPI I'd be more apt to beautify my hands and feet. When you do your army themed pedi I want to see!


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