July 12, 2011

Life with puppies

For those of you wondering (because I know you sit around and wonder about me :)) This is what my days are like.

Having two puppies is great. Honestly, I'm glad we got two so they are able to occupy each other, and keeping them entertained isn't all on me. But as with kids, not everyone wants to play all the time. Sometimes one wants to play and the other wants to chill. For example:

Jeb wanted to play. Achilles didn't and was sitting on my lap. So Jeb is trying to "provoke" Achilles into chasing him and playing.

Yes, his bark really is that piercing. The sound waves from that bark flatten out any others in the room. It would be amazingly impressive if it didn't give me a headache. :)

They spend most of the day napping. But if I have the TV or music on too loud, Achilles can't sleep. Or, he thinks he can't. And he whines and whines until it gets quieter. One night he even got upset because SoldierMan and I were laughing too loud. Laughing.

Anyway, in this particular case, I had music playing while I was cleaning the kitchen. Achilles didn't appreciate it.

Notice Jeb on the couch trying to ignore Achilles. That dog would sleep 18 hours a day if Achilles wasn't there to wake him up all the time.

So, that's my weekly puppy post. :) And I took both of those videos on my phone. Sorry about the quality. Indoor lighting, you know.


  1. It's a somewhat similar situation in our house, but it's always the dog trying to convince the cat to play. Remy will cry in the mornings, because Duke hides in his travel kennel to sleep.

  2. I just gave you an Award- thanks for always posting great information & fun Blogs for us all to read!


  3. Looks like there is never a dull moment with those two!

  4. Aww that is hilarious. "MOM! Turn it down!!" Lol. Cute.

  5. Hahahaha!!! It's like Achilles is saying, "Mooooom! Really? Can you PLEASE turn it down?!" Haha! And I think Jeb's bark would give me a headache too.

  6. My dog hits me when he wants me to play! I wish we had another dog for him (the cat only plays so much) but I think I'd go insane! I've watched other dogs and they just rule the house and my Dexter refuses to listen to me when others are around.

    Also, he hates certain bands and will bark at me until I shut them off. He especially hates Train.

  7. Awe, Jeb is so cute in the first video! He just wants to play! I have cats who act the opposite, if one "tagged" the other, it would game over - cat fight!

  8. Aaaawe!!! I haven't been around my dogs for more than a few days since April and I miss them sooo much! Yours are hilarious and so stinkin cute! You don't happen to be near Chicago and need a dogsitter....do you? lol

  9. We were dog-sitting for a month from May to June and what I noticed was that my friend's dog adjusted to our schedule. He was pretty calm during the day and slept the entire time. When my husband came home it was play time until we went to bed. He was wide awake and wanted to be petted all the time. It was interesting to see that a dog also has a daily routine! :)

  10. Haha - got to love puppies.

    One of my dogs tells us promptly when it is time to eat/go to bed/etc.

    He barks at us until we oblige his requests. Spoiled much? :)

  11. We have one dog and one cat - and they taunt each other just like that too! I will look outside and see the cat wrapped around the dogs head kicking and chewing and the dog rolling around mock growing... they are so weird. But it is nice to have them entertaining each other! That is the truth. Maks (my son, not a pet :-) sometimes gets annoyed with the dog always trying to play with him - so out him and the cat go to get their energy out haha

    Hey I am hosting the MilSpouse round up tomorrow! I'd love for you to link in! :-)

  12. I can't decide which I like best, but both these videos made me smile :-)


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