July 29, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I have a couple of very special announcements for you, gentle readers!

First of all, in case you just can't get enough puppy cuteness, my boys are featured this week over at Tails to Tell! Hop over and show some love!

And...drumroll please....I got my (first) article published over at Big Hollywood! I'm so stinkin' excited!

Of course, this means breaking my barrier of anonymity by sharing this with you, since I use my real name in the byline. But I'm too excited right now to care. Go check it out!


  1. yes! I am so, so proud of you! Keep kickin' butt on that writing, girl!

  2. Ah! Congratulations! I am so excited for you!

  3. Look at you! That is so awesome. But is anyone surprised?!? Not me!

  4. Aw Congrats!! And I love the pic of Achilles' butt on the couch! too cute :)

  5. Congrats! Haven't read your review yet, but maybe later tonight. With luck DM will get back from the sandpit in a few hours and we will get to enjoy a movie date :)

    BTW, I am head over heels in love with both Jeb and Achilles. I am going to have to find an excuse to drive across Texas :)

  6. Excellent review of Captain America, by the way. Bang on target I thought (because I know my opinion is hugely important...!)
    I too was disappointed by the ending - "flatlined emotionally" was a very apt call. And don't get me started on the lead in to the sequel/Avengers movie.

  7. Congrats my dear! That's awesome!


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