July 27, 2011

Another "Shutdown"?

Before everyone freaks out again, read this article (which links to others):


by Frank Salvato

A good friend of mine, David Jeffers of The Aletheia Group, sent out a message last night almost directly after President Obama finished his speech to the American public regarding the debt ceiling. His message was titled “Obamaocchio,” and, in light of what Mr. Obama and his Administration have been telling bankers behind closed doors about this issue, appropriate.

Even as President Obama and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner take to the airwaves (as it were) to trumpet that the economic sky will fall if Congress does not reach a deal to raise the debt ceiling; to give the federal government the ability to amass more foreign debt, both Mr. Obama and Mr. Geithner – and their dispatches – have been reassuring the financial sector that they have no intention of allowing the United States government to “default” on its debt, regardless of whether Congress raises the debt ceiling or not.


This lends credence to each and every member of Congress and every informed citizen who has pointed out the indisputable fact that there is no possible way the United States can “default” on its debt interest payments, not to mention Social Security, Medicare, Medicare and Veteran’s Affairs payments due, as well as federal employee paychecks, including military. Those who have demonized the truth-tellers owe them a heartfelt apology.

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  1. I am really getting annoyed with the presidents propensity for being untruthful. I do get it that the first casualty if politics is the truth. But in the administration of governance, there is no excuse for this level of deception. To this administration, the ends justify the means. And it is the ends which is wholly nefarious and profane.Some days, the patriots seem on the verge of taking our country back. On others, liberty seems to be slipping away once again. It is really a back and forth at the hands of a narcissist who seems more akin to an abusive spouse as opposed to a trusted leader. Each and every day I get up, I persevere, I trod on. I am curious to know what BHO will do when he loses in 2012. He has the personality profile of a dictatorial leader who will stop at nothing to maintain power. Keep your powder dry.
    Best Regards, CHOWSTl


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