June 7, 2011


Today I'm linking up at Learning As We Go for her "Weight Watchers Monday" weekly meme. Yes, I know it's Tuesday. Remember, I said I'd be doing mine on Tuesdays. Cause I like to mess with people like that. (And I enjoy doing Movie Monday too much to switch.)

Again, I'm not keeping track of pounds at this point, just fitness. And this week I *finally* began Week 2 of C25K. And...drumroll please!....I actually finished Day 1! This is a huge milestone for me, since I never got this far last time. (I was also sick last time. I feel like I need to throw that in there.) So I'm pumped. Week 2 consists of alternating sessions of 2 minutes walking and 90 seconds running/jogging. I'm more of a jogger. And I totally only power-walked the last "run" but I lasted till the end! Also, I made myself stop and take a good five minutes to stretch out afterwards, and today I'm not the least bit sore. Even though we also took the dogs for an after-dinner walk last night. Which is going to become part of our daily routine, since it serves the dual purpose of getting us moving and wears the dogs out so they sleep through the night. (If I do it n the morning, they sleep it off during the day).

Now, as part of WWT, we're supposed to write this week about what motivates us. I suppose I should say that I'm motivated by the fact that, since being at what I loosely term as my "ideal weight" (and is also an achievable weight, I think) I've gained about 20 pounds. I could also say that, because I have heart disease, it's important for me to have good cardiovascular fitness and good fitness habits ASAP, for all sorts of reasons. But those things have always been there, and haven't been enough to get me off the couch before.

No, the reason I'm motivated right now is because I have a goal that is important to me: to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February. That probably sounds like a silly reason compared to the earlier ones, but - as I've said umpteen times - I don't really enjoy exercise. I can't do it just for the sake of doing it, at least not for very long. I need a goal to keep me going. And dangling a trip to Disney World in front of me does the trick. In fact, the other day at the gym, I saw a girl wearing a Princess Half Marathon participant shirt and now every time I start to feel unmotivated, I think, "That's going to be me!" I think about crossing that finish line in February and say, "That's going to be me!" I think about the blog post I'm going to write tell you all that I did it - I actually completed the Disney Princess Half Marathon and say, "That's going to be me!" And it keeps me going.

If you are on a weight loss or fitness journey, click the link above to be taken to Jessica's blog so you can Follow her and link up next week!


  1. You are going to feel SO good about yourself when you complete that marathon! Can you pack me in your suitcase and I'll cheer you on hardcore??
    Did you read the first link on the post? She has tried the marathon once before and I think is now training to do it again.

  2. I love Weight Watchers it is truly the only plan that has helped me ever to lose weight without deprivation..not even really a "diet" just a lifestyle, portion control way of living.

  3. I love Weight Watchers it is truly the only plan that has helped me ever to lose weight without deprivation..not even really a "diet" just a lifestyle, portion control way of living.

  4. Yep, I tried it before I started for the same reason you did, to have a goal. As an athlete, I never excercised for the sake of excercising(boring) I trained or practiced for my sport. That is why I signed up last year because it was a goal, but it wasn't enough because I didn't think it was possible. Now I am back and more determined to do it because I finally know that I can.

    Good luck with everything and I will see you there!!


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