June 10, 2011

Friday Randomness

  • I got my first coin a couple of weeks ago! I don't know if wives are supposed to collect coins, but I have one. :) This came from the local 82nd Airborne Association chapter, where we held our first real FRG event. I think it's pretty cool.
  • I took the scary meds back to the Vet. It's not worth giving my puppy a potentially fatal concoction for what appears to be primarily a cosmetic issue.

    The kennel owners we left the boys with last week gave us some recommendations for holistic treatments, so while we were at the grocery store I bought Jeb some chewable Vitamin C pills (for his allergies) and some apple cider vinegar, which you're supposed to mix with water and sponge onto the bald spots. Supposedly, if it's anything but actual mites (and the test showed it wasn't mites) it should kill whatever bacteria or whatever is causing the baldness. Unless, of course, that's just his coat's growth pattern.

    And I won't be disappointed if it is. I think his bald spots are cute. :) But there's no chance he'll suddenly fall over and sieze himself to death with either of these things, so I'm willing to give them a try.
  • So, Congressman. Tony Weiner (D-NY) admitted on Monday that for the last three years he has used his Congressional facebook page and twitter account to troll for women half his age to engage in cybersex, culminating in a tweet of a photo of a private area being accidentally posted to hie 14,000+follower twitter account.

    If you're so inclined, you can Google the pics, but I'm not going to post them here. Y'all know what sexting is already. He then tried to cover it up by deleting the pic and claiming he had been "hacked".

    Gems from the Monday press conference? "I was dumb, I lied, I lied about other people, I used poor judgment, I understand my constituents no longer trust me....and I see no reason why I should resign." You know, other than the fact that he's an internet predator. There is now also evidence that at least one of the "women" he communicated with in that way were underage. Which makes him a sex offender. But he doesn't feel the need to resign. Nope.

    But honestly, what Weiner actually did isn't what made me care about the story. The real story here is the way the media went into a frenzy to protect a Democrat official by accusing - without a shred of evidence or even reasonable suspicion - Andrew Breitbart of hacking into Weiner's account and distributing the pics. They literally just pulled Breitbart's name out of a hat and said, "He must be behind this" and stuck to that heinous story for days.

    Un.For.Give.Able. Weiner apologized to Breitbart (in very generic terms) but there's still radio silence from Salon.com editor Joan Walsh and the others who repeated the lie over and over again last week. And now the media is trying to do the whole "It's just sex" routine to try and play the whole thing down, just like they did with Clinton. Of course, it wasn't about sex then, it's not about sex now. (At least Weiner didn't use state troopers to hold a women in his hotel room under duress.)

    I keep telling you guys, you can't trust these people. This is why. They will do anything and say anything - with or without proof - if it fits their agenda.
  • Got to take the dogs to the dog park for a puppy play date for the first time in a long time. They had a blast.
Getting worn out in the heat

So happy!

Love being the center of attention

We tried to get all the pups to sit, but Jeb wasn't interested

Not even a little. :)
  • It hasn't all been sunshine and roses, though. In fact, the puppies have kind of been trying my patience recently. Here's the thing: Huskies get bored really easily. So if they don't feel entertained, they will find ways - destructive ways - to entertain themselves.

    When we went out Saturday night, we thought we had all our bases covered. We took them outside to go potty before we left, made sure they had food and water, took out the trash.

    We forgot to make sure they had their toys ("lost" under the couch). We came home to the worst scene of destruction we've seen in a long time. A pen was destroyed, a box of kleenex shredded and covering the livingroom like snow. And someone had climbed up on the table and pulled down my centerpiece - a woven basket I purchased from a group of women in Rwanda viz missionaries from our church at Ft. Benning - and eaten the center out of it. That was devastating. It's still on the table, because I just can't bear to part with it. But that wasn't all.

    My favorite hat also bit the dust. I believe this was Jeb, because he's always going for my hats. This made me so sad, not only because I think it's adorable, but because I bought it from a friend's etsy shop to help them raise money for their children's adoption. So it was also unique and meaningful to me.

  • Then the other day while I was in the shower, Achilles must have gotten bored again....or just being a stinker. Because he chewed up the book I left on the couch. Which is a double-shame, because I was going to give y'all a giveaway with this book as the prize. So, we all lost.

    At one point, Jeb ate a dollar. Like an actual dollar bill. It was the least amount of damage these puppies have caused us since we got them

  • And last of all, I have some shout-outs: I have a couple of compadres on Circle of Moms y'all need to go vote for (you don't have to be members to vote! Obviously, I'm not :)) First, click here to go to Mommentator's blog and click through to her category. Then, click here to go to Lindsey's blog and click through to her category. Both ladies are worth your time and attention.


  1. Your dogs are so beautiful! Sounds like they keep you on your toes :)

    I have a couple of coins too. I got one from General Peter Pace when he was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

  2. I have an Air Force Wife coin that I carry around with me. I also have a OU coin that we found. I kind of have started collecting coins and patches. I am not sure why, but I have always been fascinated by them!

  3. Husband and I just listened to brieharts audiobook as this scandal unfolded. Really interesting!!! I respect men that cheat on their wives and men that are predators so I dont think he should resign. Ahem. So absurd!

  4. My puppy had a form of mange. I noticed a patch of hair missing on his neck/chest and the doc gave me some cream to rub on it. It went away after using the cream and just him growing up. Apparently puppies can get mange more frequently just because they're growing, which is causing everything else grow, good and bad.

  5. You got a coin!!! That's so awesome!! =D

    I wanted to SCREAM when I heard Breitbart's name mentioned with that whole scandal. I mean, really? That's the best you can do - blame a conservative? Mature.

    And I'm mourning with you over the loss of the hat. Sadness.

  6. I have gotten three coins over the years & I love them all! Especially the one that my husband was so surprised over because he doesn't even have one from that particular COL-HAHA I keep them in the case with my husbands on display- they are all beautiful to me. Congratulations!

  7. I'm totally jealous of the coin...Joshua has a couple and I think they're awesome.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks that it's hilarious that he sends shots of his..... and his last name happens to be Wiener?!?

  9. Hopefully you will find a way to keep the puppies from chewing. They should grow out of it, but that does not really help you right now!


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