June 26, 2011

FRG help

If you have ever been an FRG leader - particularly when you were not married to the CO - and you would be willing to answer a couple of questions, please leave a comment (with a reply-to email address). I'd really appreciate some experienced perspective.



  1. Hey friend!
    I just finished up 2 1/2 yrs as the FRG leader in our company- 8 months by myself and the rest paired with the CO wife (our battalion was deployed and they wanted co-leaders happening)...
    I would be glad to answer questions!!


  2. I did a year. If you're still looking for feedback, hit me up.

  3. I've been an FRG leader in each unit we've been in (3, that is). Up until recently it was always for a commander other than my hubby.

  4. Don't know if your still needing feedback or not, but I am currently the FRG leader for the unit my hubby is in and he is not the CO. :)


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