June 1, 2011

Catching Up

Wow. I haven't been on blogger in almost a week. I'll be honest, it's been nice. I had been feeling the pressure to comment creeping up on me again, and I don't like that. In fact, I feel another reader purge in my near future. I blog for fun - yes, for platform-building and for networking, but primarily for recreation. And when it becomes more than just a fun hobby, I need to dial it back for a while. Even right now, I'm sort of forcing this post, but that's okay.

The reason I haven't been on in a while is because we were out of town. We went to Vegas for the long weekend. SoldierMan's uncle lives there so we went to visit him and his family. We had a lot of fun, we stayed at the Luxor and saw a couple of shows and ate lots of good food. I still need to go back and see the Bellagio fountains at night, but other than that, it was a successful trip.

Of course, we kenneled the dogs while we were gone. Not gonna lie, that was tough. I'm such a softy. But it was fun getting them again yesterday. The kennel we took them too was great, and one of the owners gave us some holistic ideas to treat Jeb's whatever-is-going-on-with-that-bald-spot, which sounded much more appealing than the Ivermectin. Once I get my contacts in, I'm going to go back to the Vet and return the meds and try to get my money back. Hopefully they don't give me too much trouble, but it's the post Vet, so....

Anyway, one of the downsides of kenneling them was that in those few days, they got used to actually rising with the sun. Ugh. Which was why at 7:30 I was already vacuuming and doing laundry. And why I'm already considering a nap.

So now I'm desperately waiting for my contacts to come in because these glasses have been out of prescription for years, and not only should I not be driving with them (I only risked it once to go order new ones from Walmart) but they make it a pain to look at anything farther away than my laptop. Once I get the contacts in, I can get back to my two main priorities: writing and running. I really don't want to run in these glasses (let alone drive to the gym).

And that's what's going on with me. How was your weekend?


  1. The fountains at bellagio are so cool! While you waiting for the show, the Elvis impersonators keep you entertained!!! I 'm jealous you were in Vegas!

  2. That first paragraph sums it up for me perfectly.

    So glad you had a good trip to Vegas! That is on our list of places to go while we're still out here!!

    Bailey and Charley spent the weekend in the kennel too...I felt really bad but they have a webcam on the play area so I got to see them online and they didn't seem too distressed. When they went in for their evaluation they had to switch them to the little dogs because they were too scared in the big dog group!! But I think they graduated to the big kids because there were some HUGE dogs out there with them. It was $$$ though!!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend!!

    We are going to Vegas on Friday. I am so excited.

    Once we FINALLY get a dog I will have to ask you about kenneling to make a case for my husband. He thinks kennels are HORRIBLE and refuses to put our future dog in one. Which I think is ridiculous. So I will need to make a case if I ever want to go on vacation again. Lol.

  4. Your first paragraph hits home. I've been feeling the same way for awhile. I totally understand.

    I'm glad you got to go to Vegas. I LOVE Vegas.

    Hope your contacts come soon. :)

  5. Glad you had fun in Vegas!

    I feel like every time spring hits, I scale WAY back on the blogosphere until winter hits & I don't have anything else to do :)

  6. I hope you never EVER feel pressured to comment on my blog! I don't expect it at all (although I love it, obviously), and would never want you to comment out of a feeling of obligation. Just comment when you feel like it, and if that's never, I won't be offended! Ha ha.

    Anyway, our weekend was fun, too. We went to Venice and Verona. Beautiful. I've never stayed in Vegas. I've never even really been there come to think of it. One day!

    Here's to "instantly improved vision." (Brian Regan anyone?)

  7. Glad you had a fun trip, I hope they don't give you a bunch of crap for returning the meds... and I really hope your pup is fine!

  8. I keep wanting to go to Vegas! Someday it will happen. I have really only driven through.

  9. I'm so glad you had a good time in Vegas, I can't wait to head there in a few weeks to see my family.

    I hope the Vet doesn't give you too much trouble returning the meds.

  10. Vegas!!? I love that place. That's great that you got to spend the weekend there together.

  11. which kennel did you decide to go with? I want to know a few good ones in town in case one is booked when I start calling!

    I take breaks from blogging sometimes. Unfortunately, this latest break is due to lack of time. I plan to make up for that this summer.

  12. I know what you mean by sometimes almost feeling overwhelmed by blogging. I definitely do it for enjoyment and when I get stressed about how many unread blogs I have, I purge lol.
    Glad you had a good weekend in Vegas and holistic help for the pup sounds way better!

  13. I don't like when blogging feels like pressure either... probably why I'm a bad blogger, because I hate pressure! Haha. Glad you enjoyed your break in VEGAS!!! It's so hard to kennel your pups, isn't it?


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