May 24, 2011


So today I'm linking up over at Learning As We Go for her Weight Watcher's weekly link up. Technically, we were supposed to link up yesterday but I already had a double post and didn't want to do a third.

Since I'm not actually doing Weight Watchers, I thought I'd use this as an opportunity to chronicle my learning to run experience.

As I said before, I recently restarted Couch 2 5K. I started once back in November, but then I got sick, then we PCS'd, and it's taken me this long to try it again. No, not try. Do. There is no try.

My plan is to do C25k, then do a couple of 5Ks here in town (there are a ton) then do Bridge to 10 K. Then ultimately participate in the Princess Half Marathon in Disney World in February. That's the goal. My focus isn't going to be on losing weight necessarily, because I hate fighting the numbers on the scale. I'm just going to run and hope my clothes start fitting better as a by-product.

Anyway, last week I finished Week 1. In week 1. That may not sound like much, but it's a big deal to me. Last time it took me three weeks to finish week 1. I like to blame the hole in my heart, but looking back it's probably because I was trying to go too fast too soon and I burned out.

So this time I'm taking it slow and working more on endurance and finishing each week's program, then building up speed at the end. I can't be doing too bad, I already do 3K a session at my snail's pace. (If that's not very good, don't tell me.)

So last week I was all gung-ho and excited and hitting the nearest post gym. And all weekend I was excited to start Week 2 this week, since I never really got there last time.

And yesterday morning, I woke up with a pulled muscle in my hip/lower back.

I am so freakin' bummed.

I laid on an ice pack all yesterday morning and took a fair amount of anti-inflamatories. By last night, I could at least walk comfortably. And I lathered myself in IcyHot throughout the night. This morning, I woke up right back at square 1 - sore, stiff and bummed. Very, very bummed.

I've decided, then, to take the rest of the week off from running. Not only because I don't want to agonize every day about whether or not I can actually make it to the gym, but also because we're going out of town this weekend and I don't want to be hurting while we're walking through Vegas for 3 days.

So, there you go. Week 1 = epic win. Week 2 = on hold.

Any advice for getting this thing healed back up ASAP?


  1. Ah! I started doing the C25K again two weeks ago simply because it was cheaper than a gym membership. I forgot how awesome it is.

    Can you stretch the muscles out a little bit? That usually helps me in addition to all of the stuff you are doing!

  2. Ever since I heard about the Princess half I told my husband I will do it one day! Good luck with all your training :)

  3. And I second Julie, stretching while injured is a great way to heal faster, just listen to your body and don't push too hard.

  4. You aren't supposed to run 5K until the end so you are good if you are already at 3K. I found the 6 week Weight Watchers running plan a little better for me personally. I just completed it last week and I am planning to start it all over again and work on speeding up this go round so I have a better pace and a stronger distance before I start my half marathon training. See you at Disney!!! All the running craziness and weight watchers is basically what my new blog is all about.

  5. I'm still slow. I will always be slow. I know I will never be a speed demon, not on my feet anyway. But when my slowness starts to get me down, I remind myself that I'm doing this for me. I'm not out there to break records and get prizes, I'm there to clear my mind and keep my body alive.

    Rest up, stretch it if you can, and see if you can pick it up from there! Have a great weekend!

  6. You are doing great! Don't let this little setback get you down. I know how much you have struggled with this in the past, so I'm very proud of you.. and a little inspired!
    Thanks for linking up!! Have a blast in Vegas.. wish you could take me with you!

  7. frustrating! Don't let it stop you though...I mean in the long-term not the short-term. You are right to listen to your body. You'll know when you're ready to get back into it. And you will!


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