May 9, 2011

TV Tuesday

Well, we've come to the end. I would say I'm sorry to see it go, but that passed when the Cowboys got eliminated. However, it was still a good finale, I thought. A few twists and a freaking seven mile bridge. I think I would have collapsed!

Just a couple of thoughts. First of all, of course, yay for Jen and Kisha winning. They ran a good race and I think they deserved it. But it really accentuates what bothered me about last season, when they made nearly half of the teams (there was an odd number) all female teams, because they were trying to stack the deck for an all female win. Didn't anyone else find that insulting? I mean, I'm no feminist, but woman don't need a handicap. If they are a good team (and luck is on their side, don't forget the luck), they will win. And Jen and Kisha proved that this season.

Secondly, obviously there are three different airings of the show. One for east coast and central time, one for mountain time, one for west coast time. Phil was live-tweeting the finale. Guess which showing he decided to announce the winners for?

Yep. I was halfway through watching the 2-hr finale and got spoiled on Twitter. Me and half the country. We were not happy. That was pretty unprofessional of Amazing Race, in my opinion. And don't even say, "Well you could have stayed off twitter!" Riiiiiiight. Who would have expected them to spoil the winner before half the country saw the show? He could have just said, Congrats to our winners! Right? Ugh.

Anyway, all that said, I was pulling for Gary and Mallory first, Zev and Justin second, but I like the sisters and they deserved their win.

Can't wait for next season!


  1. I have never watched the show before but I had a friend over on Sunday and he made us watch it and now I'm hooked! I cant wait to watch it next season!! :0)


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