May 3, 2011

TV Tuesday


You know, it's a shame. I really liked them at first, and the first time they were on, too. But geez. They got nasty, especially him. If anyone was sorry to see them go, I'd be surprised.

So, finale next week. I have to say, all the Final Four teams are good ones, in my opinion. I would have preferred a slightly different match-up - replace the Globies with the Cowboys - but overall I'd be happy with any outcome next week. My favs are Gary&Mallory and Zev&Justin, but again, unless somebody turns evil next week, I'll be happy to see any of them win.

Who are you going to be rooting for next week?


  1. I thought he was especially unkind in this last episode. It was not all her fault that they got the penalty. I was hoping they were going to be the ones eliminated. I'm excited for next week's finale!

  2. He really started getting on my nerves in the past few episodes. I really want Zev and Justin to win, or Gary and Mallory... but like you, I'd be happy with anyone who's left.

  3. I went and watched this today...the only episode I've watched so far. But yeah! He was nasty.


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