May 11, 2011

To Bethy

First of all, set your reply-to email address. It takes two seconds and doesn't make you look like a n00b. And would have made it so I could reply to you privately before this.

Secondly, the best part of blogger stats is that it lets me see how people find my blog. Which led me to your post. Where you said that I said something I didn't.

I quoted a doctor and a speech therapist. I didn't say that I agreed with them or disagreed. Just that I thought it was interesting. And invited the reader to reach their own conclusion. That's all.

For which you decided the appropriate response was to leave me a comment without a means of responding privately (a reply-to address) saying you disagreed with me (even though I didn't take a position) and then go off to a site where only members are allowed to comment and berate me. A little childish. No, not a little. A lot.

Also, no one's forcing you to read my blog. If you don't want to, don't.


  1. I honestly didn't know about the reply-to address thing until I found your blog. I really was still a bit of a blogger n00b though. :)

    Some people just make you shake your head and wonder how they survive in this world.

  2. i'm glad your friend is a member of The Bump so that she can stick up for you :)

  3. n00b. I love it.

    There's always going to be conflicting ways and conflicting evidence relating to raise a child. Who cares to start a battle over it? What n00bs!

    Another reason I stopped looking at theknot discussion boards is because of stuff like that. I can only imagine how the other sites are. The wedding stuff gets BRUTAL.

  4. Totally agree! If you're going to criticize someone (although I didn't see anything you wrote that justified it) then at least don't be a coward and don't give them a way to respond!

  5. *sigh*
    Some people...

    I keep getting comments from people without their e-mail set and it's starting to annoy me. I really do want to respond.

  6. I guess it helps to actually read your post before going on a rant about your post. :)

  7. Good for you!! One thing that baffles me -- why would one feel the need to bash someone they don't even know.. to what end? Makes no sense.

    And just for an added tidbit - the signing comment she took offense to on your blog, I didn't see as controversial at all and signing to babies every day is my JOB. I've seen it pull speech out of nonverbal kids at about 3X the rate non-signing would. It's the bridge to get from one place to another and not have the frustration and tantrum of those toddler, non-speech skills. And doesn't delay speech - IN HEARING KIDS. With 7 years EI experience, I would stake my paycheck on it.

    In cochlear kids - having an implant is VERY hard to get use to. It's not normal hearing and takes a lot of practice on the part of a child. So in those cases, yes - signing would be an 'out' for them and delay the progression of their modified speech.

    Now see - how much more mature was my response than her rant? Much.

    Your friend and bloggy buddy - Tracy :)

  8. Maybe ignorance is bliss for some people? I think her rant is a bit ridiculous.


I was nice and didn't turn on word verifications. Please reciprocate by having your reply-to email set and not posting anonymously.