May 6, 2011

Friday Randomness

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day
to all my lovely BBs!

So how did everyone do with the commenting challenge from last week? I did...pretty good. Honestly, it challenged me to leave more actual comments, because I didn't want to leave a JG wuz here comment. So, I think it was a good exercise.
Meanwhile, I got my hair cut on Wednesday. This was the inspiration:

This was the final result:

I wasn't able to do the color job with it. Sad face. But if anyone would like to help a girl out, I'm taking donations for the color fund. I suppose it's really not so much compared to other salons, but it was breaking my personal grooming budget. *sigh* One day. Maybe if I get a flood of work before then, I could get it done before our Memorial Day trip. Although that's not looking likely at this point.

I'm going to stop there. /pity party
So, in case you didn't know, Mother's Day is this Sunday. I didn't, because my scheduling calendar (the one I use for keeping track of appointments) has it printed on the wrong day. Thankfully someone told me before the weekend! So the Mom's Day cards are in the mail, fingers-crossed they get there tomorrow.

I'm so lame. Who forgets Mother's Day? Well, I didn't forget. The calendar done me wrong.
EDIT: I just had to include this.

I'm sure you've all seen this photo by now, the one where the President and his staff are watching the live feed of the OBL raid from the helmet cam of one of the SEALs.

Intense, right? I mean, Hilary looks like she's watching a Jack Bauer torture episode of 24. Not that she would.

Well, now it turns out....there was no live feed. So when they released this photo and said they took it while BO&Co were watching the raid live feed....well, let's just say they embellished. And not just about that photo, apparently. The link tells more.

You know, that's been the big bugger of thing for me about this whole thing. They (the White House) got so caught up trying control the narrative they (at best) didn't verify the details they released as they released them. So now they're having to backtrack and correct.

Why not just say, "Sorry, we can't answer that right now until we have a complete picture"?

Why spitball, or outright lie, like with the live feed photo?

The Navy hasn't been leaking any details, because obviously, this was a SEAL operation. They probably want as few specifics about the mission released as possible. That's what's known as OPSEC. You don't tell the enemy how we do what we do (or who did it!)

This is turning into a Tillman situation all over again. Somebody says something they didn't verify, and now they have to backtrack all over again to correct what they said.

And meanwhile the kooks are going to say it's some kind of elaborate conspiratorial cover-up, when in reality it was a PR snafu where someone just didn't know how to keep their mouths shut.
Don't worry, I'm not going to leave you without a puppy pic.

That's how they are. Jeb has to be (usually) on someplace cushy, like the couch, with the throw blanket he has claimed as his own. No, seriously, I had a friend over and she was sitting on it, and he sat and stared at her - silently - until we figured out he wanted to take a nap and needed "his" blanket. Such a baby! :)

And then there's Achilles. Who, 99 times out of 100, prefers the bare tile floor, or the floor in our bedroom rather than the ($60) doggy bed we got him. We got it at Petsmart. Walmart didn't have any big enough. We are in the land of chihuahuas.

And now I need to go, becuase Achilles is having some kind of a meltdown over something, and I should probably go see what that is.

Have a great weekend!


  1. You are so informative! And informed! I'm always impressed. Oh, and beautiful, too. Love the new hair. Your puppies really are just like little kids. You buy them a fancy toy, they play with a spatula. Too cute.

  2. Love your hair. Love the comments about the photo. And, Ross sells 100 lb. dog beds for $20. Going to miss you at OKGOP State Convention tomorrow!


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