April 12, 2011

TV Tuesday

**giveaway winner announced at the end of this post!!

It can't be Tuesday without talking about Amazing Race!

I was very glad to see Ron and Christina finally go on Sunday. She's fine, I have no problem with her, but man, he grates my nerves. Although, at this particular juncture, I would rather have seen the Goths get eliminated. It just really gets my goat when you promise to help someone and then renege. Scummy, to put it mildly, and really says a lot about the person. "It's a competition" doesn't cover being a jerk.

Anyway, we're down to 6 teams now. It's getting intense! Any final 3 predictions???

And, of course, the reason you're all really here -

The winner of the PartyLite candle giveaway is:
And lucky #2 is:
Yay for Skinnie Piggie! get me your email and I will pass it along to our host!

Also, don't forget, this is the last chance to enter the Well of Creations giveaway! Don't miss it!


  1. Like you I was "happy" to see them go. I would have been ok with the Goths too...maybe next week!

  2. They were definitely one of my least favorite teams.

  3. Wow... thanks to Kaycee [http://atinypieceofmyworld.blogspot.com/] for letting me know I won sometihng...

    I looked back into your blog entries... if I'm still eligible for this prize: skinniepiggie@gmail.com

    Sorry it took so long, we're still in a hotel with off & on internet!


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