April 19, 2011


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I really don't have much of a TV Tuesday post. Y'all know that this week's Amazing Race was non-elimination. I'm very glad. I love Gary and Mallory. I don't think they'll be able to recover without some great luck...but I bet they're wishing they had saved that Express Pass now!

I'm so tired today, I feel like I'm walking in a fog. (If any part of this post in incoherent, well, sorry.) This coming 3-day weekend could not be at a better time. I am coming off of a long, stress-filled weekend and entering what will be a long week. See, sometime Friday morning I remembered that the boys had their next vet appointment Monday morning.
For those of you who don't know, or maybe I didn't tell you....anyway, the last vet appointment was a nightmare. Holy freakish epic nightmare. First of all, I had to take them by myself, and it was the first time I had done that. But anyway, we get to the vet (on-post) and the room is filled with other dogs, of course. And my puppies went nuts. Like berserk.

Remember, my "puppies" are the size of many breeds of full-grown dogs....and they were in fact bigger than nearly every dog in the room, and the only puppies. And one of my dogs is a husky. Huskies are not quiet dogs. The slightest disruption in their comfort zone and the whole world has to hear about it. Plus, the vet was backed up after being on block leave for the previous month. So I was stuck in the waiting room wrestling two (at the time) 35lb dogs (who hate leashes) on leashes, and trying to keep track of my purse and their paperwork. For 45 minutes.

And I just have to say, you would think that, being dog owners, those other people in the room might have at least had the decency not to stare and scowl. But no. I was getting the stink-eye from every person in the room. As well as the occasional, "Wow, you really have your hands full, don't you?" comment. Yeah, thanks for the help, btw.

By the time they called us back to the exam room, I was covered in sweat (it's the Army, there's no A/C in the building), my hands were rubbed raw from wrestling with the leashes, and the puppies had been worked into hysterics from the overstimulation of being introduced to new people and new animals every ten minutes. I may have imagined it, but I could swear the room broke into applause when we left. (okay, I did imagine that part.)
It was miserable and was a 2 hour trip. And Friday morning, it hit me - I have to do it all over again Monday morning. And Monday evening was our first FRG meeting. I am a co-Leader, in case you missed that post. Anyway, so that left a lot to stress over through the weekend. I had a hard time sleeping Sunday night.

Monday morning, I'm trying to keep it dialed-down, I took two fish oil pills in the morning, but I was still really anxious on the way to the vet. We get there...and we're the only ones in the room. Well, there was a little elderly Pomeranian with her elderly owners.

And the boys walked over to the corner of the room with me and, after getting over the initial "new place" excitement basically sat or laid down next to me and chilled. Even in the exam room, they both just laid down, took their shots and were cool. Everyone commented how "much more mellow" they were (read: wow, you taught your dogs some social skills. about time.)

But it was a very successful trip to the vet. I would even say glorious. Jeb didn't even throw up in the car.

Oh, and I now have 100+ pounds of puppy to wrangle on a daily basis. Jeb clocked in at 60lbs. They are not yet 6 months old.

The rest of the day was taken up with FRG stuff. It was the first time I had left them alone for more than 20 minutes in nearly 5 weeks, due to the neuterings. Overall, they did fine, except Achilles took advantage of not being "hawked" by licking the area around his stitches raw, but there are worse things.

That night was the meeting. That's all I have to say about that.

Anyway, so last night I was coming down from all this stress, and I didn't really have the chance to unwind once we got home before we went to bed. So I was up pretty much all night. I didn't fall asleep until 4:30. Needless to say, I haven't ventured far from a cup of coffee today. On the plus side, the puppies were up with me (of course, because they have to be wherever the action is), so today they are sleeping like rocks.

Lucky dogs.

Anyway, how about some puppy cuteness to wash away all that whining?

Jeb occasionally likes to watch TV. He's very selective about what he watches. First-run shows we watch in the evening don't tend to capture his attention. But he does enjoy the classics:

Dial M For Murder

Murder, She Wrote.

Or maybe he just likes whodunnits.

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