April 7, 2011

Time Out!

So, a funny thing happened to me today. I won my second giveaway this week (which is my little way of saying, "You can't win if you don't enter, so go back and check out all of this week's giveaways! You don't want to miss these!") and when I went to send the host my mailing information and express my enthusiasm for the giveaway prize....she very politely reminded me I entered for an online giftcard to an etsy store completely unrelated to the prize I thought I won. Oops. My red-faced moment of the day.

Also, for those of you keeping score at home, Republican leadership proposed a bill to postpone the shutoff and continue budget negotiations for the purpose of protecting troop pay. The President just issued a statement saying he would veto any bill postponing the shutoff and protecting troop pay. (headline on drudgereport.com) So, there you go.

In other cute puppy news.....

We had to institute the time-out corner.

I know that sounds silly, but we were having trouble coming up with other punishments for major infractions. Obviously, you don't want to get physical with the dog and turn it aggressive. And we didn't want to make going outside a punishment, because we do put them outside from time to time just because we need to (if we have company over eating in the livingroom, or when we're cleaning the floors). So, Soldierman came up with the time-out corner.

And for our little ADD husky puppy, it's perfect. Plus it dovetails off of their "stay" training. I've only had to use it a couple of times myself, and so far only on Achilles. For big things like stealing my food or chewing up a shoe. Big stuff.

Obviously, he hates it.

No, actually, when he knows he's in trouble, it does have an affect. Mostly. Huskies are both very smart and very stubborn. So when he got in trouble for spilling my coke (because he tried to taste it) and earned a whopper of a time-out yesterday....today he waits to try and taste my coke while I'm out of the room. And unfortunately, since I only came back and saw a puddle and him backing away from it, technically I couldn't punish him since it wasn't "in the act." But he sure knew I was mad.

I wasn't for long, though.

He's my little squishy-face.


  1. "I shall call him Squishy and he shall be my Squishy." :)

    I love it that you're doing with your puppy what I'm doing with my son. Fun times.

  2. hmm i like this time out corner idea.
    Damn cute pups and their puppy dog eyes. Melts my heart away!!

  3. When I come home with a puppy and I call my parents and they want to kill me...I'm going to blame it on you and all your cute puppy pictures and stories.

  4. i wouldn't be able to stay mad for long too. look at those eyes!!!

  5. Aww, those pictures are precious!!

  6. That is hilarious! He actually stays in the corner? Genius! I can't wait till the hubby and I get a puppy.

  7. Hahaha! Honestly, I wasn't sure if I was confused or you were! Although I can see where you would be confused because I sent a tweet out yesterday telling everyone to hurry up and enter for the oil bc it was the last day to enter when in all reality I meant to say that it was for the DeLoop giveaway! I am so confusing...my allergies are making me loopy! :)


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