April 15, 2011

This is what I get for being impatient....

Oh, if only I had waited to post that last post a couple of hours, I wouldn't need a third post today.

But - third post, it is!

For those of you waiting with baited breath, here's the big news:

I busted into the Bigs today.

Okay, that's overstating. Actually, through some shameless self-promotion and gracious attention from the powers-that-be, my book review of Righteous Indignation has been linked to on one of - if not THE - most influential political news blogs on the web, BigGovernment.com.

I'm sure all y'all already read the original review (right? ;)) but just because I'm plotzing, click here to visit the BG version.

If only the puppies could share my enthusiasm (since they're the only other living beings in the house right now). Instead they keep looking at me like I'm nuts every time I *squee*

As they probably should.

As y'all know, I've been a 'Big' site acolyte every since the flagship, Big Hollywood, launched back in the day. No, literally, when BH went live, I was there and commenting within - if memory serves - the first 3 hours. So this is sort of like a fantasy becoming reality for me.

Anyway, go check it out, and of course, if the Big sites aren't in your reader yet, you really must add them. I've got them all linked on the right-hand column.

and again, just for good measure....



  1. Awesome! Big congrats to you ;-) Hope you have a great weekend ahead!

  2. *SQUEE!*

    (Virtual, yes, but no less enthusiastic and at least originating from a human source.) Excited for you, JG!!

  3. Look at you! Smart AND famous :) Your husband is such a lucky man. Congrats to you!

  4. That's wonderful! Way to go girl!


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