April 2, 2011

Rethinking Autism

Today is National Autism Awareness Day. This video was made by Rethinking Autism, whose goal is to promote neurodiversity and advocate for autistic adults. Rethinking Autism was created and is run by Dana Commandatore and Michael Broderick (in the video, the man in the blue shirts), parents of an autistic son (Michael is also former marine).

And yes, Tammy, the central figure of the video, is an autistic adult.

To find out more about neurodiversity and adult autism advocacy, go to RethinkingAutism.com.

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  1. That video was made so well. I think it's grea that you featured this in your post. :)
    There's a boy in my school who is autistic and it breaks my heart when people make fun of him. I always sit and talk with him, I just wish other people would give him a chance to.
    Thanks for sharing this video and website!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth


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