April 19, 2011

Remember OKC

16 years ago, 168 people were killed in a terrorist attack on US soil. 19 were children in a day care center.

They never found suspect John Doe #2.


  1. I think its awesome that you made a point to remember this event. I think after 9/11, the OKC bombing has gone on to be forgotten by the general population.

  2. It makes so sad to see the 19 little chairs at the memorial. I was fairly young, and we lived in another country, but I still remember that sad day.

  3. I remember being home sick from school that day. Strangely enough, I was home sick from work the day they executed Timothy McVeigh. I'm just glad he didnt live long enough to see the events of 9/11--that man was a monster! I thought they found John Doe#2, but he got a life sentence?? I could be wrong...

    I will never forget that day, thank you for posting this!


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