April 13, 2011


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Yesterday we took Achilles to get fixed.

And by "we," I mean me.

That stipulation might not mean too much except that Achilles is without a doubt SoldierMan's dog. That comes into play later.

Anyway, I drop him off at the vet and it is very obvious he is not kennel trained. He was howling and crying and trying to chew his way through the bars. I heard someone say, "We're going to put him under right away."

They weren't kidding. An hour later, I got the phone call to come get him. I pull into the parking lot and I can hear him crying through the door. He is not shy about making his feelings known, that's for sure.

And, like I said, he's SoldierMan's dog. He wasn't exactly thrilled to see me. They let me go open his cage to bring him out. He just glared at me and turned his back to me. Stinker.

Now that he's home it's been a chore keeping him comfortable. I have to, essentially, sit next to him to keep him from licking, which wasn't an issue with Jeb. So I've pretty much gotten nothing done all day.

Yesterday afternoon, he decided his favorite place was my closet. I drove him out twice before I finally joined him and camped out in the floor. As long as he's sleeping, he's not licking. And they can't sleep without whatever humans in the house being in the same room.

Downside: I couldn't cook myself lunch, and I didn't even want to risk the time of making a sandwich. I knew as soon as he woke up, the licking battle would resume. So I just ran into the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of water and the bag of chips I bought on an impulse last trip to the store, and even in those two minutes, they had both woken up and were stumbling around looking for me.

The rest of the day was a roller coaster. Jeb felt better (he's had a stomach bug, didn't I tell you?), but then Achilles got sick. It was a long, long night where I didn't get much sleep, and Achilles didn't get much sleep. So far this morning, they've both been much better. We started with an appetizer of chicken broth for breakfast, and when they held that down, I gave them some rice and chicken breast. Which they ate so fast (neither were allowed to eat yesterday at all, doctor's orders), I thought they would make themselves sick!

So far, so good. Achilles is already back to his old self, hoarding bones and trying to dig in the trash can. He's had more timeouts since he got home from surgery than I think he got last week! And Jeb feels back 100%, which is nice.

So, we'll see how the rest of the week goes. Hopefully today they will want to nap a lot, so I can nap a lot.

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  1. So as much as I want a big German Shepherd with a HUGE bark for whenever Andrew deploys...reading your puppy blogs deters me from wanting to get a puppy! :) Sounds a lot like taking care of a baby and I have a hard enough time with one child! I can't imagine adding a dog to the mix quite yet. Maybe one day. And I'll be re-reading your blogs for tips and consolation that the challenges will be normal :)

    ~Livvy Love

  2. You're such a good dog mommy!!

  3. I'm so excited that I won! Thanks for organizing such great giveaways on your blog this month!

  4. you're my hero....a giveaway everyday this month. awesome! LOVE the picture of the puppy in the closet. too cute!

  5. Crazy, wonderful pups. Glad to hear they are both starting to feel better!!


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