April 17, 2011

Movie Monday: Reap The Wild Wind

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Oh boy, this is a big week for movies on TCM. Lots of great choices. But for today's Movie Monday, I've decided to go with one that's a little cheesy but great fun to watch.

Reap the Wild Wind is about a strong Southern Belle named Loxi (Paulette Goddard) who owns and runs a shipping company. She's a feisty, strong-willed woman who's both competitive and savvy about the sea. She's in love with a strong, sea-faring man (John Wayne), but is also being pursued by a dashing lawyer (Ray Milland).

She also has a cousin (Susan Hayword) who is in love with one of her competitors (Robert Preston). I name all these actors because they are all favorites of mine - in fact, Paulette Goddard has been one of my very favorites since I was a kid, which was when I first saw this movie.

For those of you who don't know, Paulette Goddard was almost Scarlett O'Hara in the epic Gone With The Wind. No, literally, she fought through months and months - over a year - of auditions, screen tests, even got so far as costume and makeup tests. And then one day, someone introduced Vivien Leigh to producer David O. Selznick, and that was that. Paulette was out. Vivien made one screen test (probably for appearances' sake) and they hired her on the spot.

It's long been speculated that this film was half the studio's apology for not giving her Scarlett, and half her effort to "show" them they cast the wrong actress for Gone With The Wind. I love GWTW, and I can't imagine anyone else as perfect as Vivien Leigh for Scarlett, but Paulette Goddard is the perfect Steel Magnolia Southern Belle in Reap The Wild Wind.

Now, I will admit, this is a cheesy movie. There's even a talking dog and a giant squid. But there's also some sweet romance, sorrowful tragedy, and fun comedy. When Paulette Goddard shocks some ladies at a prissy Southern tea party with a bawdy sailor song, I'm rolling laughing. Be sure and set your DVR for this one! It's on tomorrow night at 8:00/7:00 pm Central.

Honorable mentions for this week's picks on TCM:
Blossoms in the Dust - 2:45/1:45pm central, Tuesday
Beau Geste - 10:15/9:15pm central, Tuesday
Road to Morocco - 9:00/8:00am central, Thursday

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  1. Any movie with a strong southern belle has to be a good one;) I will be setting my DVR for this one!


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